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Student Village Academy Forums ENTERTAINMENT ‘Success Is A Problem’ ID CABASA

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      Olumide ogunade professionally known as ID Cabasa is a Nigerian music producer and singer.He is the founder of coded tunes,the record label that signed Olamide,9ice,2shotz, Reminisce,Lord of Ajasa,Ajayi Brovas,2phat,Seriki and Banky W.



      He was born in Lagos, Nigeria on 29 July 1975, he is the third child in a family of four,he started doing music by side as a teenager way back in the late 80s in st. Finbarrs college Akoka. He did medicine for like two years and went to study Economics at Lagos state university then proceeded for his master’s degree in management economics from the University of Lagos,but professionally around 2003 after graduating from Lagos state university,he worked in the banking sector for a while before he left to focus on music production.



      He said this in one of his interviews,

      He said One of the reasons most of us are stranded is because we want to be successful. He said In football that you win a match doesn’t mean you’ll still be in the lead next season. A guy that won a match is successful but if success is all that he want he will be so joyous in winning that he’ll not know that there are several other matches to play,but the guy that understand that the goal is to qualify for champion league so that they don’t go on relegation.He said the problem is when we become successful we become dormant that we just want to stay there,he said being successful is a journey it’s not a sprint.You treat success the way you treat failure,when you fail you learn and when you succeed you also learn and move on.

      The goal should be greatness.

      Greatness is not you being successful,greatness is people finding success in what you have created that is, other people being successful through the things you’ve created,he said when you’re greatness driven the feeling of success does not really last around you,you only see it as a stepping stone.

      He also said he’ll rather be a person of value than to have money or fame.he said the state of being broke Is not being able to create or produce anything.he said as long as I can still create value I will be popular and still have money.


      He also said motivation is a scam,he said motivation can only help you start a thing but can not help you sustain it,he said what we need is discipline, being disciplined pushes us to do things when we don’t feel like,he said motivation is not bad,but be more disciplined.He advised youth to embrace discipline rather than waiting for somebody to motivate them he said when we wait for someone to motivate us that’s when we start having loads of depressed people around and he also said they should be consistent with whatever they do.



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      Amazing read on ID Cabasa! Thanks

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