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      Teenage Pregnancy: How I Survived
      Some days back we had an interview with a friend of ours; Nwogo Juilet by name. Said Girl is a final year student of the University of Ilorin; Faculty of Education. Last year, she had a baby girl and despite the challenges that come with having a baby you did not plan for she is still smiling and looking good. Juilet is going through her challenges with a smile on a face and a spring in her steps. This is Juliet’s story.

      My name is Juliet Nwogo from Ebony state, a final year student of University of Ilorin. When I first discovered that I was pregnant, I was very scared, I was like “What do I do?” I was also scared that my dad was going to disown me because I’m his favorite and most trusted daughter. Honestly, being scared is an understatement. You see, I belong to a pro-life group. We fight against abortion, we advocate for abstinence but we also encourage people to play safe if they must do it. We also preach that there’s nothing like safe sex. Having sex even with protection(s) is still risky but if you must do it, play safe and if a baby comes out of it, don’t abort it. The fact that I’ve disappointed everyone that is looking up to be was a burden that hung on my neck. I’ve got to say that there was a time when I thought of aborting the baby but I just could not imagine myself doing what I preach against. I had to summon all my courage in order to fight against the thought of abortion and in order to stand strong. I thank God for giving me understanding parents; they never scolded me or made me feel worse. They only told me I disappointed them but they stood by me. I also thank God for the friends I have, they’ve been so supportive. I would be very ungrateful if I don’t give thanks to God too; He has been there for me.

      I didn’t face my parents directly. When I found out, I only confided in my sister; we are very close. I was in school (Ilorin) when I found out I was pregnant. My sister told our elder sister and my mum. When my mum called me, I felt so scared and worried. I was so sorry I had disappointed her but she told me “the best thing you can do for me now is to be strong, take good care of yourself and my grandchild.” When my dad was told, he didn’t want to believe it at first. When he finally did, he was very angry at me. My mum, elder and younger ones spoke for me and tried to pacify him on my behalf. For weeks, whenever I call him he won’t pick up, but after a while, he forgave me. Fortunately, I gave birth on his birthday and he said that was the best birthday gift he had ever received.

      As for the father of the baby, he was not supportive. When I first told him about the baby, he suggested abortion and when I told him I couldn’t terminate a life he said, it’s not yet a baby, it’s just blood. He has moved on tho and I’m not relying on him for anything.

      I can’t say I did not regret keeping the baby during pregnancy. I went through a lot of bad experiences that made me think “why did I keep this baby?” There were times that I’d intentionally do things that were very strenuous so that I’d just have a miscarriage. One time I wanted to jump into the dam (there’s a dam in University of Ilorin); but people were there to save me from myself. But on the long run, I stopped thinking about that; I began to love the baby. I thank God that he gave me people that were supportive. During this time, I accepted the fact that I had gone astray, and correcting a wrong with a wrong does not make the wrong right. I decided to go back to God and walk with Him; and this helped me a lot.

      I can’t say that I did not face criticism. I faced a lot; in school, in church, at home (not my family but the people around us). Amongst some of my friends, I heard a lot of terrible things about me. In church I got stripped of my posts; during the period of pregnancy. But I thank God that I grew up with the belief that no matter what you do, people will always talk about you. So for girls going through criticism I’d advise them not let it get to them.

      Being pregnant also affected my school, in the sense that I was not able to attend classes. I was also psychologically imbalanced; I had to see a psychologist. For girls that are psychologically imbalanced, don’t keep to yourself. One thing I’ve learnt is that in whatever situation you find yourself, people will leave you and new people will come into your life. Also get closer to God, admit that you’ve made a mistake and ask Him for forgiveness. However, I thank God because at the end of that semester I had the best result I had ever had in Unilorin. I believe it’s one of God’s way of rewarding me for not aborting the baby.

      For those that is going through or about going through an unwanted pregnancy, the best thing is not abortion. Abortion will destroy you more than keeping the baby. After an abortion, you’ll be remembering everything that happened and it’s going to lead to being psychologically imbalanced. If you keep the pregnancy, people will surely talk. But once you give birth, they will stop talking. A baby is seen as a bundle of joy, so once the baby is born, people will stop their negative comments or at least it will reduce. For people that don’t have people to support them, trust in God. Even the Bible has told us not to place our trust in man. God that saw you through your pregnancy will see you through raising the baby. During my pregnancy, I had complications and I had to give birth during surgery and the money was much. I received money from people that I don’t know till today. The decision to give that baby life is enough to repay for the sin you committed. However, when you commit an abortion, sure God will forgive you, but you’ll never forgive yourself.

      The name of my baby is Zoe; it means life. I’m happy the way I am and I love my daughter more than anything in this world.

      Have you being in this situation before? How did you survive

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      The baby is so cute!!!

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        I’m sure the poster was overwhelmed with the baby’s awesome look. Great website by the way. ????????

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