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      Source; Twitter

      The Eyeglasses industry makes 140 billion dollars a year “correcting” your vision

      But there’s a little dirty secret they don’t want you to know…


      Poor eyesight isn’t just about genetics

      Your environment also plays a role

      Today, we spend most of our time indoors staring at our screens within the dark confines of offices

      It’s taken a toll on our vision

      Your eyes need to exercise in order to stay sharp and healthyImage

      Good vision meant life or death for our ancestors

      They needed to search the horizon for food to feed their families

      Finding berries and mushrooms was also necessary 

      If the poor vision was purely genetic, natural selection would have wiped it out of the gene pool


      Because not correctly identifying poisonous food or mistaking a snake for a tree branch meant you died

      Death = not able to pass on DNA 


      You’re probably wondering how this is possible

      We’ve been told all our lives that poor eyesight meant glasses forever

      and that your vision will get worse over time

      In today’s world, there is some truth to that statement

      You can change that thoughImage

      Your eyes are surrounded by muscles that move them in all directions

      Like all muscles, they follow the adage:

      Use it or lose it

      By not looking at far away distances and being outside in the sunlight, these structures weakenImage

      Your eyes also control your diurnal rhythm (body clock)

      This clock runs on sunlight

      Being stuck inside & not exposing yourself to sunlight messes up the neurotransmitter Dopamine

      Dopamine is vital for eye health

      It literally changes the structure of your eyeballImage

      Myopia, or nearsightedness, is not being able to see things from far away

      This happens because your eye elongates due to a lack of sun exposure

      The light that enters misses your retina (vision processing tissue) so the image you see is blurryImage

      Keeping your eyes healthy is fairly simple

      You need exposure to sunlight!

      The average room is 20x less bright than being outside on a sunny day

      Get as much time as you can and bask in the healing rays

      Make it your priority 

      Another tip is to spend time out in nature, staring at landscapes or objects in the distance

      Train your eyes to stay sharp

      Give them a challenge

      You need to be proactive

      Poor vision shouldn’t be a life sentenceImage

      Give your eyes the environment they deserve to thrive

      Spend more time outside and less time in front of screens

      Eat more Vitamin A rich foods like organ meats or fatty fish

      Or you’ll end up needing stronger lens prescriptions every few years 

      Thanks for reading!

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      Very eye opening post 👀

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