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      The tension in the Korean Peninsula is rising. The US are on the verge of imposing the strongest Sanction in North Korea described by Kim Jung Un as an act of war.  Is North Korea invasion going to be another Afghanistan or probably another Iraq? Not at all.  As Washington weighs its option, Jim Mattis is strongly aware of the implication of a preemptive strike. That may be a good reason for Pyongyang to use the nuclear weapons on South Korea and shower the South with their massive Artilleries and also take another devastating attack on Guam where US have enormous number of her citizens. Moreso the US may risk fighting against China,  North Korean ally and Russia may want to help defeat the US. I think diplomacy should be adopted the more even if the diplomacy of strategic patience by the Obama administration failed.  An attack on the North is letting loose of hell

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      Us is trying to bully it’s way out of this.

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