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      The Top 10 Low-Competition Freelance Websites in 2022 for New Writers

      Websites with Little Competition are Ideal for Beginning Your Freelance Writing Career

      You should stay away from well-known freelance websites like Fiver, Upwork, and, according to the best freelance writers.

      Why should you select freelance websites with little competition?

      The likelihood of receiving a project is extremely slim when you submit a rookie application to well-known freelancing websites.

      There is fierce competition on these websites, and there are a lot of freelancers who are more qualified and experienced than you.

      Another drawback is that since these websites for freelancing are constantly raising their share prices, freelancers are forced to do the same.

      Many customers leave those websites as a result.

      Apply for jobs on websites where there is little competition as a beginning freelance writer.

      These websites can assist you in developing solid relationships with customers without having to compete on price.

      You can submit applications to well-known freelance websites after receiving work from these websites.

      I’ll list ten websites where you can apply as a new freelance writer that don’t have a lot of competition.

      1. Clouds peeps

      Peep sign up | Cloud Peeps

      Sign up and join Cloud Peeps to become a member of our freelancer; community. Cloud Peeps is a community, marketplace…

      2. Servicescape

      Service is a low-competition, steadily expanding freelance website that handles writing, translation, and graphic design jobs.

      These 3 projects for freelancing websites are the main focus of this platform.

      Both seasoned freelancers and newcomers can benefit from this website. You simply need to complete their sign-up form, profile, and account creation.

      Become a Professional

      Apply to become a Service Scape professional and have your freelance services promoted.

      3. Bonnle

      Freelance Work only for Students | Boonle

      Students – set up a free portfolio and browse for projects to work on. Signing up and applying for work is completely…

      4. Speed Lancer



      5. Periodix

      1. graphic design
      2. marketing
      3. coding
      4. customer support
      5. writing

      Hire Quality Freelancers – Get Freelance Jobs Online | Periodix

      Recently, remote jobs are becoming more popular and it won’t stop. If you look at the statistics, you can see that many…

      6. Contena

      A new low-competition freelance website called Contena offers copywriters and independent writers remote jobs.

      It offers opportunities for writing various types of content, including blog posts, fiction, technical writing, resumes, and cover letters.

      You don’t have to bid on projects to land your first job, and the registration process is very straightforward.

      On the website, you can also sign up for the courses they offer.

      Remote Writing Quick-start Program

      What our members are saying… “In two weeks of using Contena, I’ve already started getting paid for my writing. Before…

      7. Sell Crowd

      Sell crowd

      Edit description


      Zeerk is a five-year-old, low-competition freelance website that is expanding with more and more new freelancers.

      You can charge anywhere between $5 and $500 for your services.

      Registration is free, and you can then start selling services. Each sale on this platform will see a cut of 8–20%.

      Zeerk | Micro Jobs & Freelance Services from $4 to $200.

      Make Money Selling and Promoting Services on Zeerk! 10% Affiliate commission on the entire market. It’s easy to become a…


      Glassdoor Job Search | You deserve a job that loves you back.

      Search millions of jobs and get the inside scoop on companies with employee reviews, personalized salary tools, and…

      Freelancer Club

      1. A free account with limited features.
      2. A premium plan for $11.9 9 per month.

      Job outsource

      This amazing company offers offline and online recruitment opportunities.

      On this platform, you can hire copywriters, virtual assistants, gardeners, and many other professionals.

      A premium plan with a 3% fee costs $199, or you can start out for free with limited features access and a 10% platform fee.

      Search Jobs | Outsource UK

      Search and apply for the latest jobs brought to you by Outsource UK – one of the largest independent recruitment…

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