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      Andrew Tate became popular on the internet for his extreme misogynist views. At some point in time he even described himself as “An absolute misogynist”



      His videos became popular across the internet, Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and self styled men’s help expert has expressed some views about women. One of which is women are property to their husbands and should only have kids, stay quiet and make coffee”


      His fans have called him the king of toxic masculinity.


      Tate’s content has rapidly spread across social media this summer, racking up millions of views and raising concerns about the impact on boys and young men who come across it. After seeing his popularity spike in recent months, he has bragged about his reach.


      Now, Andrew Tate has been barred from giant social media platforms, Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram.


      In a statement to The Washington Post, a TikTok representative said Tate’s account was removed for violating the company’s policies that bar “content that attacks, threatens, incites violence against, or otherwise dehumanizes an individual or a group” based on attributes including sex.


      Meta (Facebook) said it had removed Tate’s official accounts on Facebook and Instagram, pointing to policies against dangerous organizations and individuals.


      Even many other social media influencers have expressed their discontent with Andrew Tate and his views gaining popularity on the internet.


      When He Became Popular


      Tate first gained notoriety in 2016, when he was kicked off the reality TV show “Big Brother,” the BBC reported, after a video surfaced that appeared to show him hitting a woman on the same show.


      The pair later claimed that his actions were consensual. In 2017, he sparked an online furor after posting on Twitter that women should take personal responsibility and protect themselves against sexual assault.


      Andrew Tates’ Reach


      Andrew Tate went mainstream, as videos and podcast interviews featuring him took off on various social media platforms and he climbed in Google searches.


      By August, he had more than 4 million Instagram followers; videos tagged with his name had reportedly been viewed 12.7 billon times. Yes! 12.7 billion times for Andrew Tate.


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      Esther Amadi

      They didn’t cut his tongue and fingers off ? Ahhhh

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        Ah. He hasn’t committed a crime now.

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