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      Jimoh Eyitayo

      Are you looking for what to watch this weekend?

      I could help you with that


      1. Marry my Husband


      This movie will bring out all the emotions you have in will make you to cry to laugh,to blush,to kick you feet…let me not talk too much

      You should go and see it!


      2. Doctor slump


      Kdrama directors and producers are not playing this year!

      Doctor slump is a very good movie

      You’ll definitely fall in love with it, trust me😌

      3. Love song for illusion


      Last month a producer release a statement that they’ll make people that don’t watch kdrama start watch kdrama this year and they’re living on that promise


      This is another interesting kdrama you should try


      4. Death’s game


      Get ready to cry because you’ll cry,I promise but it’s worth it

      5. A killer’s paradise


      This is kind of mystery this kdrama will have you hooked from the first episode and will never stop.

      These are my best kdrama for 2024 so far


      Let me know yours


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      I don’t watch these shows sadly.

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