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      1. CHINA ARNOLD: An American woman who was convicted for MICROWAVING HER 28-day-old BABY, Paris, for more than two minutes in August 2005. She microwaved following an argument with her boyfriend over paternity issues.


      2. Robert Pickton inherited his family’s piggery. However, he started butchering female sex workers and feeding them to his pigs. In 2002, investigators found a freezer stocked with human remain and human bones in the pigsties suggesting he had fed his victims to his pigs.


      3. When police searched the home of Kendall Francois in September 1998, they found the corpses of eight sex workers, some of whom had been strangled to d’eath so violently that their necks had been broken. He said he did it because he contracted HIV from one of his victims.


      4. Aiden Fucci always told his friends that he was going to ǩill someone. On May 8, 2021, Aiden lured 13 year old Tristy Bailey to a wooded area in their locality and stabbed her 114 times.There was no motive; he just wanted to know what it felt like to watch someone bleed out.


      5. In 2008, 16-year-old Erin Caffey convinced her boyfriend to brutally murder her entire family in their sleep after her parents banned them from being together. He and an accomplice broke into the house and went on a killing spree while she waited in the car, they shot her father multiple times before decapitating his wife with a sword, k!liking both of her brothers, then they loot the house and set it on fire.


      6. Timothy Jones Jr. believed so much in corporal punishment and on that one day, one of his sons, broke an electric outlet, and what followed was a rage that led him to strangle five of his children to death. 9 days later, their bodies were found in black trash bags in Alabama.


      7. In 2020, three Tiktok users on Alki Beach discovered the bodies of 35-year-old Jessica Lewis and her 27-year-old boyfriend in a suitcase. The couple got into a fight with their landlord, Michael Duddly because they didn’t pay rent, but instead of asking them to leave he shot them and packed their bodies in suitcases, which he then threw into different bodies of water.


      8. Shawn Bentler had promised his girlfriend that they would be rich once his parents were dead. On October 14th, 2006, Shawn, who was 22 years old, visited his parents home in Iowa, where he shot his parents and his three sisters to death.


      9. In November 2016, 21-year-old Roberte Burnette found the crying of his 6-week-old son so disgusting that he picked the little baby up, shook him vehemently, then slammed him on their bed. As the baby continued to yell, he picked him up by the neck and inserted his finger inside his throat to burst his vocal cord. The child had an intracranial bleed and several fractured bones. He died in the hospital. To make matters worse, the child’s mother was there and made no attempt to stop Robert as he abused the child.


      10. In 2015, an Indiana man named Jason Worley found out his wife (Brandi) had been cheating on him with their neighbor but she blamed him for the affair. She claimed his absence made her feel lonely, as Jason was working more than 60 hours a week to provide for his family, Jason finally filed for divorce, and on November 17, 2016, Brandi Worley stabbed her seven-year-old son and her three-year-old daughter before calmly calling 911. “I just stabbed myself and I killed my two children. She has been sentenced to life in prison.

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        Esther Amadi

        I tell you, all of them are insane.

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