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      Olunkanmi Oluwafoyin, a 400-level sociology student, has been suspended by the University of Calabar administration due to disruptive behavior on campus.

      A press notice detailing her suspension was issued on Saturday in Calabar and was signed by the institution’s registrar, Gabriel Egbe.

      According to Mr. Egbe, the student was expelled for allegedly breaking her matriculation oath by acting out and putting people and property in danger on the university campus.

      Mr. Egbe stated that Ms. Oluwafoyin, with registration number 18/104143018, was alleged to have driven erratically against traffic at a high rate of speed inside the campus on February 8 while several pupils were dangling perilously from the car’s doors and seats.

      The Registrar said that as a result of her actions, a member of the university security staff suffered serious physical harm, and outsiders entered the campus at her request.

      “The accused activity was in flagrant contempt of a prior warning, as sent in a circular from January 30,” the circular reads.

      “As a result, management has suspended Miss Oluwafoyin’s studentship with effect from February 8 while it is being investigated by the Students’ Disciplinary Committee.

      Ms Oluwafoyin must also avoid campus unless specifically invited by the Students’ Disciplinary Committee.

      He stated, “Strict compliance with the directions is to be ensured by the Dean of Social Sciences, Head, Department of Sociology, and the Chief Security Officer.”


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