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      400 level students from the University of Ilorin’s Adult Education Department have rebuilt the abandoned borehole that supplies the Tanke Oke-Odo community in the Ilorin South Local Government Area of Kwara.

      The initiative is a fieldwork and community development intervention project, according to Mr. Oladejo Abiodun, President of the Adult and Primary Education Students’ Association, Unilorin, who informed reporters on Sunday.


      He said that the initiative was started in order to introduce the students to the real-world applications of community development theory that are covered in the classroom.

      The project was determined to be both the community’s urgent requirement and an intervention project to satisfy the community’s pressing need for the borehole project to be revived, he said.

      He claims that when the class was divided into groups to do the community intervention project, some of the students went in search of areas that required immediate care.

      Abiodun further mentioned that the community’s chief imam’s home was home to a borehole that had been abandoned for a number of years.

      The team leader did note that while the students had found other community projects, they were not as urgent as the borehole project.

      Alhaji Umar Salaudeen, the Chief Imam of Tanke Oke-Odo, responded by praising the students’ intervention and characterizing them as determined and capable leaders.

      Salaudeen asked for greater community support and hoped for the university’s continued growth and success.

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