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      The grieved lands of Africa
      In the tearful woes of ancient and modern slave
      In the degrading sweat of impure dance
      Of other seas

      The grieved lands of Africa
      In the infamous sensation
      Of the stunning perfume of the Flower
      Crushed in the forest
      By the wickedness of iron and fire
      The grieved lands

      The grieved lands of Africa
      In the dream soon undone in jinglings of jailer’s keys
      And in the stifled laughter and victorious voice of laments
      And in the unconscious brilliance of hidden sensations
      Of the grieved lands of Africa

      In themselves and with us alive
      They bubble up in dreams
      Decked with dances by baobabs over balances
      By the antelope
      In the perpetual alliance of everything that lives

      They shout out the sound of life
      Shout it
      Even the corpses thrown up by the Atlantic
      In putrid offering of incoherence
      And death and in the clearness
      Of rivers

      They live
      The grieved lands of Africa
      In the harmonious sound of consciences
      Contained in the honest blood of men
      In the strong desire of men
      In the sincerity
      In the pure and simple rightness of the stars’

      They live
      The grieved lands of Africa
      Because we are living
      And are imperishable particles
      Of the grieved lands of Africa.

      — Agostinho Neto

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      In stanza two, the poet decries the elimination of the valuable culture, beauty, custom and land of Africa by the colonialism and westernization. He figuratively presents this through the symbol of “flower” and “forest”. This is seen in lines 7 – 10 “In the infamous sensation of the stunning perfume of the/Flower/ Crushed in the forest/ By the wickedness of iron and fire”… ‘Iron and Fire’ refers to the fierce way the colonialist and imperialist imposed themselves on Africa. These moves destroyed the beautiful flora and fauna of African land hence they grieve.

      The Grieved Lands is a 42-line poem with seven uneven stanzas. It is written in free verse. The Grieved Lands highlights the uniqueness of the African-American race and their resistance to slavery and colonial rule. It is among the poems that promote the unique beauty of the Black race and the dominant strength of being Black.

      The poet is inspired by Negritude’s realistic nature (a movement which celebrates and promotes the uniqueness and dominance of Black race to other races popularly propagated by Leopold Sedar Senghor).

      Lines 40-41 of the poem The Grieved Lands present African race as an imperishable race and African land as a land that can withstand anything.

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