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Student Village Academy Forums HEALTH AND RELATIONSHIPS What does falling out of love feel like?

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      I fell madly in love with my wife. I couldn’t imagine life without her. I thought incessantly of her.

      After 37 years, though, it looked more like a romance movie that just went off the spools.

      Our kids were gone and now she cared for her elderly parents who thrived on chaos.

      For 25 years our lives revolved around our children. So much of the time we related through them.

      We changed along the way and our relationship with it.

      Then mix in never ending demands of her parents and an incredibly busy season for me.

      It left little time for romance. Most nights, when we crawled into bed, the only thing on our minds was going comatose.

      We both hoped it would all work out. Neither of us had the energy to fix it.

      One Sunday afternoon, sitting in our study, we finally talked.

      “What’s happened to us?” I asked. “Where’s the love gone?”

      “I don’t know,” she responded. “Maybe there’s just not enough time.”

      “Somehow we need to make time. I don’t feel like you love me anymore,” I went on.

      “I do love you. But I’m probably just distracted.”

      “I want us both to feel loved like we used to.”

      “Then we just need to work on that.”

      I relinquished some of my obligations. And my wife hired help for her parents.

      We escaped to the coast for romantic weekends like we used to. I like that the best.

      We told each other often, “I love you.” And tried to show it in little ways like we did when we first started.

      Over time our feelings of love reignited. Romance showed up more often.

      Last week she was in Carmel helping with our new grandson while our daughter was teaching.

      I was home alone for four days.

      I thought, “Yikes, I’d go crazy without her. That and the dishes and clothes are stacking up. She needs to come home soon or she’ll never find me.”

      Actually, the house was clean. And she did find me. By the front door waiting for her.

      When you just keep acting like you feel in love eventually you will again.


      N.B : Never stop dating your partner/spouse.

      Source : quora

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