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      What to consider when choosing a streaming service

      You probably already have Netflix, which is a fantastic service for binge-watching movies and some TV episodes, but it’s clear that it doesn’t completely replace cable and live television. In order to meet all of your needs, you might actually need to use multiple services.

      However, not everyone is able to use every streaming service. It makes no sense to load up on streaming services that are more expensive than your cable bill ever was after cutting the cord. Therefore, you need think carefully about the ones you choose to subscribe to.

      Since there are almost too many plans and channel options available in the streaming service market, which has risen dramatically in recent years, you’re probably fretting and thinking which streaming service is best for you. The answer to that depends entirely on your choices for material, your viewing habits, and the features you’re looking for in a streaming service.

      When perusing the large selection of streaming services available today, keep the following in mind:

      • Your watching habits and tastes: It’s a simple question. What do you like to watch, and how often? If you’re into prestige television and film and nothing else, you’ll want to look to services like Netflix and HBO Max. More into sports and live events? Check out live TV streaming services like Sling or YouTube TV to stay in the loop. Our best advice is to incorporate a mix of the two so you get the best of both worlds, but that might not be sustainable for everyone.
      • Your budget:What budgetary limits do you have for entertainment? It’s actually quite simple to determine whatever service (or services) you want to pick up once you get to your number. You won’t have to deal with hidden fees or anything like that because streaming services are much more straightforward about pricing than cable providers ever were.
      • Device compatibility: Not every streaming service is compatible with every smart TV or gadget as soon as it launches. For instance, there was a time when Fire TV and Roku streaming devices couldn’t use the HBO Max streaming app when it originally launched (and the workarounds ranged from frustrating to downright impossible). Even if everything was resolved in the end, you should still heed the caution and confirm that any streaming software you may be interested in (especially the smaller, niche ones) is compatible with your streaming device before spending any money on it.
      • Screen and profile limits: How many users will your streaming service or services have? By yourself only? an entire family? Before you start giving out your login information to everyone, check if there is a limit on how many screens or profiles can be connected to one account at once on some sites.
      • Cloud DVR options: The ability to record and save live events and programming for later viewing is a major game-changer in the cord-cutting world, but not all live TV streaming companies offer cloud DVR. Nevertheless, it’s worth checking.

      What is live TV streaming anyway?

      We’ve used the term to you a few times already, but we want to make sure you understand what it precisely means because it’s not at all like the most well-known streaming services that come to mind.

      While you can get a ton of fantastic on-demand material with a streaming service like Netflix or HBO Max, none of it is airing live. Like, unlike with your typical cable setup, you can’t just switch open one of these streaming applications and start watching TV. (And you can’t watch any live sports, either.) Instead, you must choose what to watch intentionally, locate it in a list, and then press “play.”

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      Esther Amadi

      Till internet is better in this part of the world, streaming might have to take a back seat. Plus, the prices of data keeps going up!

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