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      When you start thinking like this, you know you’re getting old.

      Things that seemed like such a big deal, but you don’t care about anymore.


      1. Going to bars and clubs.
      The crowd. The noise.
      No. Just no.
      Home feels much sweeter now.

      2. Being invited.
      Remember how you used to feel offended if you weren’t invited for an event?
      Well now, you really don’t care.
      You don’t even want to go.

      3. Having the perfect body.
      Dieting, working out to look good for other people?
      Not anymore.

      Career goals and money on your mind.

      4. And food.


      5. People’s opinions.
      You stop caring about what people think.
      If they like you, great.
      If they don’t, great.

      6. Friends.
      Large friend groups?
      Four close friends and you’re good.

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      I think there’s an age you get, and you need the noise from the bar compared to that of your neighbors kids 🤣

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      Ps, everything in this thread is so true. Hits home.

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