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      Explanation: Plants can store food in a number of locations, but the roots and fruits are the most typical. The leaves, stalks, blooms, and seeds of a plant are additional locations where food is stored. Food is kept in the stem of the yam plant, for example.


      So when you come across this question in any of the following exams







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      Where is the food stored in yam plant?


      A. stem

      B. Bud

      C. Adventitous root

      D. Leaves

      E. Tap root


      Based on the explanation above, you know the answer is (A) Stem, Yam plant stores it’s food in the stem


      Which type of food material is stored in yam?


      Carbohydrates, which make up the majority of the dietary components stored in yam tubers, are lost due to respiration and metabolic changes during storage. The amount of food material lost during sprouting varies depending on the variety.


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