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Student Village Academy Forums GENERAL DISCUSSIONS Yahoo plus rituals: is this way of earning money honest or not?

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      If you have never heard about the Yahoo plus rituals, we will tell you everything we know about them. Money rituals in Nigeria are a common thing, and the fraudsters often use any means to deceive people for getting money from them. Read everything about the Yahoo business and how the scam works.
      Yahoo plus: what is it?
      As the scheme’s name might imply, Yahoo Plus is a special advanced embodiment of Yahoo Yahoo fraud tactic. It is now widely practiced in Nigeria on the victims that are not suspecting anything. It is better to be armed with knowledge than lose your money to the fraudsters.
      There are some things that you need to be aware of about the Yahoo plus scheme. First of all, it is quite easy to determine people who are involved in this fraud tactic. Usually, they become rich out of nowhere, lead a luxurious way of life, and there is no indication that they have made this money thanks to some business because they simply are not involved in any business.
      The main difference between Yahoo boys and Yahoo plus is that yahoo boys usually work on the romantic aspect of things, they need to convince someone to fall in love with them and then trick them into sending money. With Yahoo plus, it is much more dangerous, because unlike yahoo boy victims who willingly send them money and can prevent themselves from it, the yahoo plus victims are hypnotized into giving someone their belongings.
      So, how exactly does Yahoo plus work? Here is all the truth about these money rituals in Nigeria, which are performed on poor victims in order to shake off money and possessions from them.

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      Yahoo plus fetishes
      Basically, the Yahoo plus scheme includes performing different rituals, which can sometimes reach the ridiculous point: like, for example, sleeping in the cemetery, swimming in the river. These rituals are performed to boost the fraudster’s chances to hypnotize the victims. Once the rituals are done, there is a high chance that the unsuspecting victim will start sending money to the stranger.
      According to the reports, some of the Yahoo plus activists have special lucky charms, which they use for hypnotizing their victims. It can be small souvenirs that they can keep to themselves while chatting with someone they could potentially deceive. For example, many swindlers use rings which they can wear on their finger. Usually, these things are received by the fraudsters from the fetish priests. There is a special kind of priests, who usually reside in rural areas. They help out the Yahoo plus fraudsters by giving them the lucky charms, which will increase the chance to hypnotize the victim successfully. A person becomes really trusting and will do whatever a fraudster says.
      Sometimes, the spiritualists advise the fraudsters to purchase the special fabrics (namely tie-and-dye ones), which are transformed into clothing and given as gifts to the potential victims. Once someone receives these gifts, they are automatically under a spell and start thoughtlessly sending money to the swindlers. By the way, in the dictionary of fraudsters, they call their victims “maga”.
      The spiritualists can give pretty odd advice to the fraudsters. Sometimes, it includes things like burying live animals every month, mostly cattle. Some terrifying reports even say that the human parts were used for the preparation of hypnotizing mixture. According to the stories from ex-fraudsters, some of them have lost people close to them because of the spiritualists and their directions, which made them quit the business. Another Yahoo plus enthusiast, who was earning a lot of money, started showing signs of mental illness when he stopped performing the rituals. When he got back on it, the problems suddenly went away. While every person can choose whether to believe these reports or not, earning money by dishonest means is never going to bring the person full satisfaction and joy.
      Yahoo plus has become a popular way of cybercrime when people stopped trusting the yahoo boys. The cybercrime activists decided to use hypnotizing means to make their victims trust them easier and turned to the fetish spiritualists for help. In Nigeria, this type of fraud is still common, even despite the multiple attempts to end the internet scam once and for all. Usually, students of the universities very quickly get involved in this business, because they want to earn money easily and without effort.
      However, the police are working hard on investigating such situations. Moreover, since the worldwide web became more common, people started gaining basic understanding that they should not trust everything they see on the Internet. As most of the yahoo plus boys are young, parents are strongly advised to be involved in the lives of their children and talk more to them about what they are doing in their free time, developing a trusting relationship with them. Nigerians should stay awake and alert, and try not to get hooked on any suspicious internet scams.

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      The two both of them are ugly practices.

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