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      8 features you might not know about: 
      1. Scan documents and add them as PDFs to your note:

      1. Click on the photo icon
      2. Select scan documents
      3. Scan your documents and click save

      You now have a pdf in your note that is searchable: 

      2. Copy and paste text from a physical document into your note:

      1. Click on the photo icon
      2. Select scan text
      3. Locate your text and click insert

      Your text is now in your note as if you had written it manually. 

      3. Enable the power of Quick Notes:

      Go to Settings > Control Centre and add Quick Note

      You can now add a note from everywhere by swiping down in the right corner and tapping the Quick Note button. It also saves the context, displaying the note if you visit an URL you’ve saved. 

      4. Collaborate on a to-do or shopping list with ease:

      1. Create your list
      2. Click the share button
      3. Make sure Collaborate is selected
      4. Share the link with another user

      Your list now syncs across your devices! 

      5. Create a password-protected note:

      1. On your note, click … and select Lock.
      2. The first time, choose to use your iPhone’s code or a manual one. If you forget the manual code, your note won’t be recoverable.
      3. Your note now needs FaceId or a code to be seen 

      6. Organize your notes with smart folders:

      Create a new folder by tapping “New Folder” in the bottom left corner and selecting “Make it Into Smart Folder”. Here you can create different folders like:
      – To do-lists you haven’t checked
      – Specific tags
      – Pinned notes 

      7. Share folder

      Share a notes folder by tapping … and selecting “Share Folder.”

      When the invite is accepted, you can tag each other in the notes, and the other person will get a notification. You can also see all the activities in the folder. 

      8. Save a note as PDF (a hidden feature)

      1. Open the note and tap share icon. Below the title, select Collaborate.
      2. Tap on Collaborate and select Send a Copy. Swipe up further and tap Markup for PDF preview of your note.
      3. Tap Done → Save File

      You now have a pdf!

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