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Government Past Questions v12 (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)

Government Past Questions v12 (JAMB/WAEC/NECO); These Government past questions are for students who are sitting for the following examinations:

  • JAMB
  • Post-UTME / Post-JAMB
  • WAEC
  • NECO

Government Past Questions v12 (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)


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#1. Under what system of government does the states require ownership and control of the means of production for its use in benefiting the population?

#2. The question of Nigeria civil war was raised for the first time at the meeting of the OAU in September 1967 in

#3. Nigeria objected to the discussion of the civil war in the OAU summit on the grounds that

#4. All the following were front line fighters for Nigeria's independence except

#5. It is argued that most of the new states of Africa cannot remain faithful to the doctrines of non-alignment mainly because of

#6. The first political party in Nigeria was

#7. To which of these countries did Nigeria send peacekeeping force?

#8. In the federation, the purpose of enumerating the powers of the central government is to

#9. Which of the following is not an aim of the Organization of African Unity (OAU)?

#10. The French policy of Assimilation

#11. Military governors were members of the Supreme Military Council under the

#12. The use of forced labour was one of the features of

#13. The controversy over the 1979 Presidential election result was

#14. Flexible constitution is advantageous because it

#15. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is

#16. Which of the following concepts is out of place?

#17. The primary objective of all political parties is to

#18. It is the duty of a government to perform all the following functions except

#19. Residual powers under the Nigerian Independence Constitution were the powers exercised by

#20. The highest court of appeal under the Republican Constitution of Nigeria was the

#21. Nigeria became a federation of 19 state in

#22. A popular form of proportional representation is

#23. A political concept that is composed of the attitudes beliefs, emotions and values of a society is called political

#24. Which of the following is not a function of a party secretariat?

#25. The first Military President of Nigeria is

#26. The following factors favoured the introduction of a indirect Rule in Nigeria except the

#27. The psychological support a regime gets from its citizens if they believe the regime is right and ought to be obeyed, is known as

#28. The voluntary activities of members of a society in the selection of rulers is known as

#29. The declaration of state of emergency in Western Nigeria was protected by the constitution of

#30. The primary purpose of the state is to

#31. The Armed Forces Ruling Council came into existence under the

#32. Which of the following is not a specialized agency of the United Nations Organization?

#33. The creation of the office of the Prime Minister in Nigeria was accomplished in

#34. The following are key factors which influenced Nigeria's foreign relations except

#35. The following independence of Nigeria was in 1945 with the coming to power in British of

#36. Which of the following is not an accepted way of resolving international conflict?

#37. The membership of the state in Nigeria is made up of

#38. In the Oyo traditional political system the Alaafin of Oyo was elected or chosen by a group known as the

#39. A Nigeria citizen can only be deprived of his citizenship if he is

#40. In the process of governing, OUTPUT refers to

#41. Another word for red-tapism is

#42. Rule adjudication is the main function of the

#43. The major problem that arose from the 1979 election centred around the

#44. Nigeria broke diplomatic relations with Israel in 1973 because of Israeli

#45. The United Nations organization (UNO)has its headquarters in

#46. The state is different from the government because

#47. A state is a special from of human association because it

#48. Which of the following is not relevant to communism?

#49. A flexible constitution can only be amended by

#50. Which one of the following countries has an unwritten constitution?


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