Government Past Questions v20 (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)

Government Past Questions v20 (JAMB/WAEC/NECO); These Government past questions are for students who are sitting for the following examinations:

  • JAMB
  • Post-UTME / Post-JAMB
  • WAEC
  • NECO

Government Past Questions v20 (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)


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#1. The Untied Nations's Day is celebrated on

#2. The Secretary-General who succeeded Dag Hammarskjoild was

#3. The immediate cause of the 1953 Kano riot was the

#4. Political parties are formed by the following reasons except to

#5. The coup d’etat of July 29 1966 in Nigeria ousted from government

#6. Nigeria's diplomatic representative in British is known as

#7. The first Secretary-General of the Commonwealth was

#8. Africa is the centerpiece of Nigeria's foreign policy because

#9. To which of the following groups did Nigeria belong during the formative stage of Oau?

#10. The chairman of the UN Conciliation Commission on the 1960 Congo crisis was

#11. One of the defects of the 1951 Macpherson constitution of Nigeria was the

#12. The 1976 local government reform was innovative because it

#13. Which of the following was provided for in the 1979 constitution of Nigeria?

#14. Nigeria is a member of ECOWAS because she

#15. Nigeria contributed to the South African Liberation Fund because

#16. The nationalist were not impressed with the constitutional development in Nigeria between 1919 and 1946 because

#17. One of the merits of indirect Rule system was that it

#18. One of the criticisms against the policy of assimilation was that it

#19. Which of the following was not a feature of the 1922 elective principle in Nigeria ?

#20. One of the features of the 1946 Richards constitution in Nigeria was

#21. The Public Complaints Commission is empowered to investigate complaints and to

#22. Which of the following nationalist was associated with the formation of the National Congress of British west Africa?

#23. Indirect Rule means

#24. A major feature of the constitutions in the British West African colonies in the 1920s was the

#25. Whose resignation led to the disintegration of Nigeria Youth Movement in 1941?

#26. In the parliamentary system of government, the ceremonial head of state is the

#27. A tax law emanates from

#28. Popular sovereignty belongs to the

#29. Bye-laws are made by

#30. The Nigerian nationalists movement was greatly assisted by the

#31. Which of the following describes the term Collective Responsibility?

#32. One of the importance of federalism is that

#33. All the following are features of a representative government except

#34. The operation of multi-party system often leads to the formation of a

#35. To make elections hitch-free electoral commission must be

#36. One major disadvantage of a two two-party system is that it

#37. '' Egbe Omo Oduduwa'' was

#38. The National Council of Nigeria and the Cemeroun (NCNC) was formed in

#39. One of the measures contained in Nigeria's independence constitution to ensure the independence of the judiciary was the establishment of the

#40. Which of the following was the feature of the British colonial administration in West African between 1919 and 1946?

#41. Which of the following is not a prerequisite for the adoption of the federal system of the government?

#42. One of the disadvantages of an unwritten constitution is that it

#43. Which of the following hinders the expression of public opinion?

#44. The act of influencing legislation by persuading legislators is known as

#45. Which of the following principal officials of the house is not an elected parliamentarian? The

#46. Freedom of the press helps it to

#47. The doctrine of separation of powers is associated with

#48. In a confederation, more powers reside in the

#49. Citizenship may be changed by

#50. Judiciary independence means that


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Government Past Questions v20 (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)