How To Curb Repeating Mistakes

Mistakes are absolutely inevitable, but if we keep making the same mistakes over and over can we still call them mistakes?

It is important for us to know that in our daily lives every of our actions affect people negatively or positively and vice versa, therefore for every of our actions we should have a conscious motive.

First, we need to learn to control our emotions and reactions. Most times we fall and get broken due to the repercussions of our mistakes but what next after the broken stage? Do you go still find yourself making the same mistake?

It’s popularly said that experience is the best teacher but is that the best way to skip making mistakes? There’s an adage that says “a child gets cut by a knife and the child throws away the knife, whether or not the child likes it, the knife has cut the child already”. Here, the child learns but in a hard way and this is where experience being the best teacher is contradicted because it means learning from hurt or pain.

It’s best we learn from wisdom instead, it doesn’t hurt, all you need is just to be open to learning and acquiring knowledge regardless the teacher. Tune your mind to learning from every event that occurs in and outside your daily routine.

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