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How To Earn Income As A Student

Ways to earn income as a student.


Lots of students are usually at a loss when it comes to matters of making money. They believe they do not have the required skill or ability to make money until they have graduated. Also, since they still have a steady source of income from their parents or sponsors, the pressure is not there to go all out or dig deep to find hidden treasures early enough.
If you are a student, and you would like to start earning your own income, this piece might help you, also don’t forget to click the share button, your friends too might need this.

You can make money through one or more of the following.


Printing Jobs


Since students do a lot of printing work, You can set up a mini-printing business with an easily affordable deskjet printer whose inks can be easily refilled, and start printing for students at your own rates. You can set up this business close to any student’s hostel or even from your room, and be on your way to making some side income as a student.
Freelance Writing For Blogs or Businesses
If you’re good at writing, you can consider doing freelance writing for top blogs as one way of earning an income as a student.
Aside blogs, many businesses are looking for freelance writers to help them meet their writing and content creation needs, so you can take advantage of this and apply for freelance jobs with these businesses. One of the places you can get these kind of jobs is by registering and putting up your services in websites like fiverr, freelancer, Olx (jobs and service section)





As a student, if you have a knack for graphic design and are really good with or can learn designs using apps like Coreldraw, Photoshop or other graphic design software, doing online design work, like making small graphics for advertisements and designs for websites and businesses, it can be a great way to earn some money. You can begin to train others for a token too if you are very good, from what I hear on the street, a logo could go as low as N5,000 and as high as 20k+ depending on the complexity 



Voice-Over Artist



Asides writing and designing, you can also let your good voice, if you have it, make good money for you.
Doing voice-over work for production companies and advertising agencies is another great way to earn an income as a student. If you have a great voice and some broadcasting talent, you can apply for voice-over opportunities and get paid doing voice-over work for people and businesses. There are agencies who would pay you well to lace your voice over their ad production.
If you decide to intern at a radio station in the process, you may be able to build a career in advertising and broadcasting even before you leave school.


Start a petty trading business.



Raise some, like little capital and start selling the generally needed stuff. Food, drinks, detergents, soaps, etc. As you make profit, you expand until it becomes big. There are a lot of students who are making it big doing petty trading in school. If you however have more than enough money, you can set up something bigger. Sell computer hardware or software, sell recharge cards,etc.



Sell Your Skill.



Whatever skill you have, offer it as a service to people at a cost. If you are good at cooking, considering providing catering services to those in need of it at a reasonable cost. If you are good at sewing, considering making clothes for people at a cost. If you’re good at phone or computer repairs and maintenance, also consider providing this service to people at a cost. You only need to ensure that you market your skills well, and put yourself out there so people can see what you have to offer.


Learn A Skill


In case none of the above mentioned has anything to do with you, and you feel like you can’t do anything to make money, there is hope for you.
You can still learn a skill and build it to the point of being sellable — Barbing, Tailoring, Electrical Works, Shoe Design, Manicure — are examples of skills you can learn. Approach someone who is already a pro in the skill and learn within months.
You’d be doing yourself and the world a lot of good if you can start thinking of how to be financially stable or independent early in life.



This Article was written by ShugsAddict connect with her on Instagram

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