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How To Get Over Loneliness In University

How To Get Over Loneliness In University

It’s very hard to take courage at times, especially to start a brand new life at a whole new place.
Too many questions you’re going to be asking yourself.
Will they like me?
Will they accept me?
Will I have close friends?
Will I have trustworthy friends?
Can I find someone that will accept me and I can confide in?

These questions rocket through our minds and they keep making us feel nothing’s going to be right, which makes us embrace loneliness.
Well, here are some few tips you might be aware of or unaware of too but are very useful.

Here goes:

Have Courage And Be Bold: Some of the causes of loneliness is when someone is shy and of course it can lead to depression which is really bad.
So come out of your shell, explore the world (university). You’ve been hiding inside your shell for so long, it’s time to take a new shape. Stick your head out of the shell and embrace change.
Get up, walk out of the “loneliness room” and walk into the welcoming and jovial person.  Now that you  feel courageous, use that courage and to talk to someone. It’ll become easy to talk freely as time goes on.

Find A Friend : You’ll notice that as you embrace change, you become free. Loneliness is just like being in a cage, being in bondage. Now that you’re free, next step is to find a friend.
Be jovial. Talk to people. Ask for help if you need it. Join in sch discussions, projects and all.

Get Involved  in things that could pay you : Yes, keep yourself busy. If you’re involved in a work, people are working with you too, so there should be no room for loneliness. Associate with your colleagues, join in the group work, be lively. It’ll be real fun which will make you take a decision never to be in the shell of loneliness again.

Exercise : Now, you’re going to be wondering, why exercise? How can exercise get rid of loneliness?

It sure can too. Exercise helps you physically and mentally. Yes, it may sound or look too boring but its very helpful. It helps the brain relax. You know, if you’re lonely, you are prone to think a lot. But with exercise, your brain can be calm. You mustn’t do a 2 hour exercise or go to gym. You can at least do 20-30 minutes exercise in your house or room. It’ll sure make you feel good.

Join Social Groups: This is helpful in a very good way. When you join societies in school, you get to see people with different characters, personality.(Societies like dancing group, health care group and all that). You’ll learn to cope with them. You’ll learn new things daily and you’ll enjoy it so far. You could even see someone that can help you there or be recognized by a very important personnel.
And sure, you’re gonna have a good time with the people in the place you find yourself.

Last but not the least tho. Always put in a SMILE. It makes you beautiful. Even if you don’t smile back then, boy oh boy, that was then. Now its a new you, you’re out if the shell. Wear a smile everyday. Every single day. Even when things seems hard, learn to smile, even in difficult situations, Smile makes you stronger. Big Grin.?

BY – Odili

I hope my list if tips are and will be useful and also save you from the dark hands of loneliness. Have fun! 

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