How To Stay Safe In The New Semester

When we talk about being security conscious, a lot of us think it’s only applicable to the western world or ends at making sure our doors are locked at night.

Even though locking your doors and windows (when not in use) cannot be overemphasized, here are other things you should do to maintain safety and security. 

Do not give out phone numbers linked to your bank account anyhow.

Before you open your door to anyone, make sure the identity of the person is very known.

Ensure you observe any suspicious movements around you. Don’t worry you won’t be tagged crazy if you look over your shoulders every now and then, especially at night

If you’re sitting by the window in a vehicle, make sure your phone and personal effects are safe. Try limiting your use of your phone especially if the window has to stay open.

Even though it may sound weird, stay paranoid. Don’t get very comfortable in a strange environment.

If it is a very necessary, make sure only a few trusted people know your ATM pin. The minute you think it may be compromised, please change it.

Always log out from sites you log into.

Unless necessary, keep your schedules and routine to yourself.

Make sure you don’t light matches or fires recklessly and if you can’t help it, learn how to use a fire extinguisher and purchase one.

Put away sharp objects or any objects that have the potential to cause bodily harm immediately after use. You don’t want to end up on 1000 ways to die.

I hope these tips help you stay safe and secure especially in coming Academic semester and as the year runs out. 

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How To Stay Safe In The New Semester