Improve research for lecturers, students of Biotechnology, says don.

A professor of Biotechnology at the Ota, Ogun State based Covenant University (CU), Olawole Obembe, has urged the three tiers of government to further develop secondary and tertiary education.
Obembe of the Department of Biological Sciences, is also seeking improved research in biotechnology, adding that the discipline should be based on long-term training rather than through seminars and workshops. This, he said, is in addition to aggressive funding of specialised biotechnology centres and agencies such as the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA); National Centre for Genetic Research and Biotechnology (NACGRAB); and Sheda Science and Technology Complex (SHESTCO), among others.
Delivering CU’s 19th inaugural lecture at the university premises, Obembe, appealed to authorities across Africa to increase capacity for food production. This, according to Obembe, becomes necessary, particularly amid the grim prediction by the United Nations that an additional two billion individuals are most likely to be malnourished by 2050.
Obembe, who spoke on the topic: “Subdue and dominate the earth: Plant Biotechnology for sustainable development’, admonished authorities to leverage plant biotechnology, which he described as the panacea for food, feed and fibre production.

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