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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examinations for candidates seeking admission into the university have since posed serious challenges to some students. JAMB has gradually become one of the most feared name in the education sector of Nigeria and preparing for the examination is something that scares most of us
But never worry here are a few tips on how to study effectively..

1. Ensure you know the JAMB score you need and decide on the score you want.
You need to have enough information to know the correct cut off mark for your intended course and work towards getting above the cut off.

2. Create a study plan and ready timetable.
It is one thing to set a goal and it’s another to have ways on achieving the set goal. Pick a specific time daily for your study.

3. Stick to your study plan: While you make your plans, consistency is key.. You have to be consistent in reading.

4. Avoid all possible distractions.

5. Use exam focus syllable to ensure you are not reading out of scope.

6. Solve at least 10years of past questions on each subject.

7. Get rid of unnecessary fear.

8. Start your reading NOW

I hope with these few tips, JAMB 2019 will be conquered by all SV members.
We wish you the best as you start reading.
Remember, 2019 is all about living our dreams.


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