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JAMB Debunks Highest Scorer Rumours

JAMB Debunks Highest Scorer Rumours; JAMB has expressed serious concern regarding the spread of misinformation and half-truths by certain individuals who seek to promote their own narrow and selfish interests.

The Board has responded to a widely-circulated social media publication claiming that an individual named Atung Gerald, with a score of 380, is the highest scorer in the 2023 UTME. JAMB has clarified that this publication is completely false.


The Board is disappointed by the dissemination of poorly-researched and sensitive issues in the public domain, even by individuals who should have better knowledge. A thorough examination of the supposed UTME registration number of the mentioned candidate would reveal that the people spreading this false narrative are purveyors of fake news, as the registration number clearly exhibits false features. In light of this, the Board urges everyone to verify facts before sharing information, as a seemingly sensational news item may turn out to be misleading.

Furthermore, the Board emphasized that the alleged reward mentioned for the owner of the fictitious score is merely a product of the writer’s imagination. JAMB has never directly rewarded or recognized the highest-scoring or lowest-scoring candidate for any reason. However, during certain strategic events, the Board has disclosed the ten highest UTME scorers to clarify matters concerning what constitutes the highest scores, including candidates’ O’level and the institution’s screening scores.

It is worth noting that this has never been a direct form of honoring or rewarding such candidates. In the past, Cowbell instituted an award for the highest scorers, but that was a private-sector initiative with noble intentions. Therefore, it is regrettable that some obscure writers are mentioning random names from specific regions in an attempt to create negative impressions among those who may not be aware. To set the record straight, the Board confirms that there is no record of any candidate scoring 380.

As a responsible agency, JAMB will continue to be guided by the spirit of patriotism, taking deliberate steps to uphold national ethics and values while implementing policies to prevent abuses and protect the rights of Nigerians. The Board remains committed to providing the best services to the nation and will not be deterred by those who harbor ill intentions.

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