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JAMB Enables CAPS For 2022/2023 Admission Exercise

JAMB Enables CAPS For 2022/2023 Admission Exercise; The JAMB CAPS for the application process for 2022–2023 is currently live. Now, applicants can easily keep track of their admissions status and learn when they have received an admission offer. A candidate who has been offered admission via JAMB CAPS must choose between accepting or rejecting the offer of admission.


On the JAMB Portal, schools have already begun to upload their admission lists. In order to take the necessary action as soon as possible, we advise candidates to monitor their admission status on JAMB CAPS carefully.

The list of accepted applicants may not be posted by all schools on their website or notice board. Candidates who applied for admission to such schools must therefore check their admission status on JAMB CAPS in order to find out when they have been offered admission.

How To Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS

  • Visit: and login with your registered email address and password to access your dashboard
  • Click on ‘Check Admission Status,
  • Click on ‘Access my CAPS’
  • Click on ‘Admission Status’ to see if you have been offered admission.
  • If you have been admitted you will get a response with your Photo Image being displayed and a text Congratulating you on your admission offer, But if you are not offered any admission yet you will get a text response with “Sorry No Admission has been Given Yet
  • If you have been offered admission, you can proceed to ACCEPT OR REJECT ADMISSION

Successfully admitted candidates are advised to ensure that they indicate the acceptance or rejection of admission online and timely to enable the processing of their admission.

It is important to note also that candidates who have been offered admission are to print their admission letter after accepting the admission. They will likely need this during clearance and registration in the school where they have been admitted.

Note: You might not see the option to check your admission status on CAPS if you are using a phone. Most phone users might only see the welcome message. To view the entire page, you must use the desktop mode. Because of this, using the Chrome browser on a phone is advised. To get the full page to display, simply go to the Chrome menu and select request desktop site.

Thanks for reading JAMB Enables CAPS For 2022/2023 Admission Exercise.

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