After your secondary school and Fortunately gain admission into the University. There are a lot more to being in the University than they let us know.

Not to scare you, university life isn’t as chills as we think it is in the outside world because you’re going to make serious decision mostly on your own, at that point, some things you have once said “never will i” to will be things you’ll embrace in your arms. Amidst all of these experiences in the University that may seem overwhelming at first, quickly draw your self back and pay attention to some certain things;

Firstly, The primary objective in the University which is to “secure the degree”. It is very important and it’s said anything worth doing at all, is worth doing right. So, you work towards securing the good degree, you know what I’m saying?
But then, in the course of securing this degree, let’s not close our eyes to other opportunities that could come our way, chance to meet people and network, there’s more to life than university degree. Let’s not just have our lives on what the curriculum says alone, create your own extra activity.

In the course of securing this degree, plis dear, do not neglect yourself. Pay serious attention to your self, health wise. Eat properly, sleep as at when due, give yourself chance to relax! Take your self out sometimes because after all the hard work, you need a treat. One secret is- hardly will anyone applaud you while you’re struggling, so in the course of your struggle, please celebrate yourself before people celebrate you. So, after a long day, a nice shower and a nice bowl of something delicious wouldn’t hurt with a very nice nap. Pamper yourself, you’re your own baby.

There are a lot more to the undergraduate lifestyle, so why not stay tuned as we drop them in pieces.







Written by ADENIKE

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