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N3650 Can Change Your Life, It is Changing Mine



Back Story

I am not one that is big on school. I would say during my years in Secondary school and University I was an average student.


I performed extremely well in some subjects and performed ‘meh’ enough to get promoted to the next class.


Am I a dunce? No. In fact, I consider myself a very intelligent person. My case was just simply a case of putting a square peg in a round hole.


One reason I can give why I performed extremely well in some subjects in secondary school and college is that  I loved (passion) the subjects and they were applicable in real life.


Take, for instance, English. That is the only language I speak fluently. So I ensure it is well constructed, I use my tenses correctly, and also it is nice to correct people that you love their accent *wink wink*.

Image result for i love your accent say it again


Another good example is Biology; You get to understand that how your body works and what vitamins do what in your body, and you get to know the kids that their eyes haff tear in your class when your teacher teaches the reproduction topic.


My point is this: we perform better at stuff we have passion in.


That brings me to my next point why not learn skills you love on your own terms.


The Recent Story


When I decided to be a freelancer, I had considerable knowledge, but it was not going to fetch me the kind of money I needed. I needed more skills, and my go-to place was Youtube. I binged watched Youtube videos for hours and hours about the necessary skills.


As much it as extremely helpful it lacked one thing: Congruence.


Each Youtube vlogger have their methods—in the same career—that works for them, and I was just consuming as much as I could and guess what I ended up?


Information overload.


I learnt so much and it overwhelmed me and made me downright lackadaisical to take action.


Enter Udemy.

When I found Udemy I saw it cost $10 (N3650) to do a course to learn a skill. I did what most cash-strapped Nigerian do; I went for the close button the page (I will manage my Youtube jejely).


One fateful day, I was buying data online with my credit card and I said let me just check my expenses sef,


Brothers and sisters, I had bought data of up to N10,250. I was shook!


I went back to Udemy and just paid for the course. I didn’t even flinch. This N3650 wasn’t going to kill me.


(Just so you know, I use Airtel and Etisalat night plan to watch lessons in the course.)


Udemy is full of top instructors that teach what they practise.


Permit me to say it is not like our Nigerian education system that teaches what they taught John Doe in 1923 to his great great great granddaughter, Janet Doe in 2018.


The lessons are usually updated and the tutors answer any question you might have.


Usually, the lesson goes from beginner lessons all the way to expert levels.


It is great value for money.


The Facebook course I am taking.



Whether you want to learn photography skills, a language, artistry, public speaking, Photoshop and even culinary skills whatever it is your heart desires to learn, I am sure Udemy has got a lesson for it.

As for me, I am almost halfway through my Facebook Advertising course and will be paying for Google Adwords, copywriting and e-commerce.


The other courses I am going to take. Issa full steam ahead something

I’ll burn through a lot of data but I am at the end of the day, I am investing in myself.


I hope you do, too.


So, I’d like to know what skill(s) you have had your eye on and why you like it in the comments section.


P.S: Psst! You, yes you reading this, you know we are in the Black Friday ‘season and you can certainly get a great deal on courses if you take advantage of this season.


You are welcome!


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