Nord Gives Unilag A Nod

Nord Gives Unilag A Nod; In a recent unveiling of a lifelong agreement between Nord, one of Nigeria’s indigenous auto companies, and one of the nation’s foremost tertiary institutions, the University of Lagos, history was made between the duo.

This relationship opens doors for a merger between auto technology and education in Nigeria beyond the basic theories that have plagued Nigerian university students over the past decades.

Nord motors like other indigenous auto brands pride itself in its “made in Nigeria” development model, produced in Lagos Nigeria, the 6-year own company is becoming a force to reckon with in terms of Africa’s auto developments with the CEO Oluwatobi Ajayi taking the wheels.

On the other hand, the University of Lagos, one of Nigeria’s most sought Universities by thousands of undergraduates has come to collaborate with Nord on a history-defining merger that will not only boost the acceptance of the brand in the country and Africa at large but will, in turn, offer advanced education to students in the university of Lagos.

Nord Gives Unilag A Nod

What Unilag Students Stand To Gain From Nord’s Collaboration

Nigeria’s tertiary education thrives in many aspects, mostly basic but fails woefully in the most important aspects.


Millions of students across tertiary institutions in the country are assigned to compulsory internships popularly known as IT in their third years. This exercise ensures that students in this category apply to industries that offer real-life experiences in the courses they’ve studied.

The exercise, I believe is to make up for the lack of practical and hands-on education they are expected to get from their regular school curriculum. This exercise has been abused by students due to poor supervision from the school authorities.

Back to Nord

With the recent collaboration with Nord, the company has promised to train 15 university of Lagos students yearly on auto engineering and relevant valuable skills within the industry.

There’s so much to gain and learn from this collaboration between the University of Lagos and Nord autos, with Unilag students being the ones to gain, Nord won’t be left out from the publicity of establishing the first auto plant in a Nigerian varsity.


This recent development definitely equates to more bragging rights for great Akokites of the University of Lagos, but beyond that, it is the first step to more innovative mergers in the Nigerian educational ecosystem.

Today, we are celebrating Unilag and Nord, tomorrow it could be Uniben and Amazon. Hopefully, this is the spark that Nigerian educational institutions need to leave their shells and provide education to students beyond the theories that the classroom offers.


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Nord Gives Unilag A Nod