NYSC – You Will Need To Have These Things

Official NYSC Camp Registration Requirements

1. CALL UP LETTER: This is a vital part of camp registration and it’s the only evidence that you are a prospective corps member (colloq. Corper, or Otondo ) and you are not impersonating anyone. They will collect it from you and not return it, so don’t panic when this happens. You are not allowed to forget this under any circumstance, even if you forget your luggage never forget this.

NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, NEVER LAMINATE YOUR CALL UP LETTER! Can we emphasize its importance any better? Protect it like it’s your life cos it actually is, for the meantime. You will most likely be sent back if you forget yours. If you mistakenly laminate yours, really your fate is shaky, you may be sent back or pardoned after hours/days of begging. In order to avoid all these unnecessary stress, ensure that you make enough copies before going to the camp.

2. Registration Documents: If you’re a foreign graduate, take along the original credentials you uploaded (to the NYSC Portal) for physical verification / evaluation. >> The List here
3. Green Card: It contains your bio-data. Print and bring along your signed copy.

4. Final Year Student IDENTITY CARD

5. Notification/STATEMENT OF RESULT from School
6. PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS: Now make about 5 copies of every document required.

7. PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS: This is very important. Take as many as you can, about 20 in white backgrounds. You would need them for different kinds of registration. e.g, skill acquisition groups, religious groups, sports, redeployment, bank account opening e.t.c

Tip: *The forms that will be handed to you are very easy to fill. Attach your passport where necessary and fill them correctly. After your registration, you will be issued with your State Code Number. This will be like your PIN throughout your Service Year*

8. CERTIFICATES/LICENSES: For Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses & Lab Scientists, take along your proof of certification. Graduates of Medicine and Pharmacy are expected to have their Certificates of Registration with Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) respectively.

9. STATIONERY: PEN, PAPER, GUM. Yeah this saves time and lots of unnecessary begging.

10. My CLEAR BAG: You’ll need to put the aforementioned in a portable envelope/bag that can withstand some amount of wear/tear.

Tip: *Some camps do seize staplers at the gate during check-in. But do not forget to include pins in your stapler if you still decide to take it along.*

You will be given a meal ticket that gives you access to the Camp kitchen for the 21 days. Lose it and you have to feed yourself.

After getting your NYSC State Code Number (which you have to wear around your neck all through camp with your ID card), you can proceed to claim your NYSC Kit and Mattress after which you can proceed to get a Room. After you have gotten your kit and secured a place in the hostels, you can settle down and you are good to go to start the Military parades.

Now, Your NYSC kit should contain :
1 NYSC Crested Vest,
A pair of Khaki Trousers
Cap and Jacket
2 White T-shirts
2 Pairs of Knickers
2 pairs of green-stripped Stockings
A Pair of Orange Jungle Boots
One Pair of White Canvas
A “Belt” is also included.

DAILY NEEDS – NYSC Camp Requirements:
11. ROUND-NECKED WHITE T-SHIRTS: This is an essential outfit in camp. Try and get extra ones to the camp.
Tip: Do not carry more than 2 pairs of colored clothes

12. WHITE SHORTS: Though you will be given but do bring at least 4 extra shorts for your own convenience.


14. WHITE Socks

15. PADLOCKS: Please lock your boxes and bags to avoid stories that touch.



18. BASIC DRUGS: Like paracetamol, medicine for your allergies, menstrual pain relief drug etc.



23. Bed sheets..
26. BEVERAGE: The camp will supply you with “Tea-water” or ‘brown-water’ so you can make tea when you need to!
29. Your Ray-Ban sunglasses for the sun. And if you can’t afford that, get a Ray-Bon.
30. Get extra phone batter(ies) and extra Network SIMs.
31. CASH: Extremely important. A basic necessity.
32. ATM Card .

I hope I’m not missing anything though and if I am, kindly share in the comment section .

Enjoy your camp, Have Fun. It’s something that happens once in a lifetime..

SV team wishes you the best camp experience


Written by Madi Maye Gift.

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