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Physics Past Questions v31 for (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)

Physics Past Questions v31 For (JAMB/WAEC/NECO); These Physics past questions are for students who are sitting for the following examinations


  • JAMB
  • Post-UTME / Post-JAMB
  • WAEC
  • NECO

Physics Past Questions v31 For (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)


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#1. The time t1, t2 and t3 for 20 complete oscillations of a simple pendulum experiment are 32.0s, 34.6s and 35.5s respectively. Calculate the mean period of the pendulum. )

#2. Calculate the magnitude of the electric field intensity in vacuum at a distance of 25cm from a charge of 5 × 10-3C. [Take 1/4πε0]

#3. Which of the statements about prism binoculars is/are correct? They I. are a pair of two telescopes mounted side by side II. reduce the optical path of the light ray from the objective to the eye piece III, present inverted and diminished image to the viewer IV. present erect and magnified image to the viewer.

#4. A body of mass 40g loses 80J of heat energy. If the specific heat capacity of the body is 400 Jkg-1, calculate the change in temperature of the body.

#5. The component of a vector in a given direction is

#6. Which of these expresses the relationship between the earth’s magnetic field FE, and the field’ FB due to a magnet at neutral points? FE is

#7. A voltage supply of 12V r.m.s. and frequency 90Hz is connected to a 4 ω resistor. Calculate the peak value of the current

#8. How far from a hill should a boy stand to hear the echo of his clap 1 .6s later? [Speed of sound in air is 340ms-1]

#9. If a force of 50N stretches a wire from 20m to 20.01m, what is the amount of force required to stretch the same material from 20m to 20.05m?

#10. A cell whose internal resistance is 0.5Ω delivers a current of 4A to an external resistor,The loss voltage of the cell is

#11. Calculate the angle of minimum deviation for a ray which is refracted through an equiangular prism of refractive index 1.4

#12. A 50W electric heater is used to heat a metal block of mass 5kg. If in 10 minutes a temperature rise of 12oC is achieved, the specific heat capacity of the metal is

#13. Metal rods of length 20m each are laid end to end to form a bridge at 25oC. What gap will be provided between consecutive rails for the bridge to withstand 75oC? [Linear expansivity of the material = 2.0 x 10-5K-1]

#14. Transverse waves can be distinguished from longitudinal waves using the characteristic of

#15. A man exerts a pressure of 2.8 x 103Nm-2 on the ground and has 4 x 10-2m2 of his feet in contact with the ground. The weight of the man is

#16. When left in a freezer, a bottle full of water cracks on freezing into ice because of the

#17. The phase difference between waves P and q in the diagram above is

#18. The change in volume when 450kg of ice is completely melted is [density of ice = 900 kgm-3, density of water = 100 kgm-3]

#19. Tea pots are often silver-coated to prevent heat loss by

#20. 1.Wavelength II. Medium of propagation III. Wave velocity IV. Frequency V. Energy Which of the above are used for characterizing wave?

#21. A ray of light makes an angle of 35o with a plane mirror. What is the angle of reflection?

#22. A person can focus an object only when it lies within 200cm from him. Which spectacles should be used to increase his maximum distance of distinct vision infinity

#23. The pitch of a sound note depends on

#24. If u is the object distance and v the image distance, which of the following expressions gives the linear magnification produced by a convex lens of focal length f?

#25. The refractive index of the medium M in the diagram above is

#26. The diagram above shows forces 4N, 6N, 10N and 8N which act at a point O in the directions indicated. the net horizontal force is

#27. The earth is four times the size of the moon and the acceleration due to gravity on the earth is 80 times that on the moon. The ratio of the mass of the moon to that of the earth is

#28. In which of the following material media will sound travel fastest?

#29. What types of mirror are capable of producing parallel beams of light such as those arising from the headlamps of a car?

#30. What happens to the rays in a parallel beam of light?

#31. A machine whose efficiency is 60% has a velocity ratio of 5. If a force of 500N is applied to lift a load P, what is the magnitude of P?

#32. I. Jet propelled aircraft II. Rocket propulsion III. The recoil of a gun IV. A person walking Which of the above is based on Newton's third law of motion

#33. In a hydraulic press , a force of 40N is applied on the effort piston of area 0.4m2. If the force exerted on the load piston is 400N, the area of the large piston is

#34. A 100kg box is pushed along a road with force of 500N. If the box moves with a uniform velocity, the coefficient of friction between the box and the road is

#35. As the pressure of a fluid increases, its viscosity

#36. The difference between X-rays and gamma rays is that

#37. To protect a material from the influnce of an external magnetic field, the materials should be kept

#38. In the diagram above, the ratio of he electric power dissipated in the 6Ω and the 3Ω resistor respectively is

#39. If the angle between two vector P and Q is Oo, the vectors are said to

#40. A body of mass 4kg is acted on by a constant force of 12N for 3 seconds. The kinetic energy gained by the body at the end of the time is

#41. A steady current of 2A flows in a coil of emf 12V for 0.4s. A back emf of 3V was induced during this period. The stored energy in the loop that can be utilized is

#42. The instrument used for securing a large number of similar charges by induction is called

#43. If 16mA of current flows through a conductor in one second, the number of electron transported per seconds is [1 electronic charge = 1.6 x 10-19C]

#44. Electrical appliances at home are normally earthed so that

#45. Given three capacitors 0.3μF, 0.5μF and 0.2μF, the joint capacitance when arranged to give minimum capacitance is

#46. In a tuned radio receiver R, L, C series circuit for resonance, the inductive and capacitive reactance XL and XC respectively are related as

#47. Flourescent tubes produces light by the

#48. The energy stored in an inductor of inductance 5mH when a current of 6A flows through it is

#49. Which of the following is an electrolyte?

#50. For semi conductor to have negative temperature coefficient of resistance implies that


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