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Physics Past Questions v33 for (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)

Physics Past Questions v33 For (JAMB/WAEC/NECO); These Physics past questions are for students who are sitting for the following examinations


  • JAMB
  • Post-UTME / Post-JAMB
  • WAEC
  • NECO

Physics Past Questions v33 For (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)


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#1. The most suitable instrument for measuring the diameter of a thin wire is a

#2. The wave theory of light does not explain photoelectricity because

#3. A constant force acts on a body of mass 50kg and changes its speed from 20ms-1 to 90ms-1 in 10 seconds. Calculate the magnitude of the force applied.

#4. Which of the following is NOT a component of a slide projector?

#5. The motion of the wheel of a bicycle moving on a smooth straight road is

#6. The amplitude of oscillation of a simple pendulum bob diminishes slowly because

#7. Which of the following radiations has the shortest wavelength?

#8. Radio receivers are tuned using

#9. Three non-parallel coplanar forces which can be represented both in magnitude and direction by the three sides of a triangle taken in order will

#10. Which of the following statements is correct?

#11. A box is pulled a distance s along a smooth horizontal floor by a force of magnitude F, inclined at an angle θ to the horizontal. The work done is

#12. A radio station broadcasts at a frequency of 400KHz. If the speed of the wave is 3.0 ×10-8 ms-1, calculate the wavelength of the radio wave.

#13. Which of the following is a percussion Instrument?

#14. Which of the following is used for shielding radioactive fallout?

#15. The charge of an alpha particle can be neutralized by

#16. Calculate the peak voltage that could be obtained from a 220 Vmain supply.

#17. Which of the following is a non-renewable energy source?

#18. Which of the following is NOT a component of an a.c. generator?

#19. When a yellow card is viewed in blue light, It will appear

#20. Mercury does NOT wet glass because

#21. The length of a simple pendulum is increased by a factor of four. By what factor is its period Increased?

#22. Which of the following pairs is an example of translucent bodies?

#23. A stone of mass 0.7 kg is projected vertically upward with a speed of 5 ms-1. Calculate the maximum height reached. [g =10ms-2]

#24. Calculate the magnitude of the force due to a magnetic field of 0.40T on an electron moving perpendicular to the field with a speed of 4.00 × 106ms-1 (e 1.60 × 10-19C]

#25. A voltage of 240V is connected to the primary coil of a the rating of the primary turns to the secondary turns if the voltage available at the secondary coil is 15V

#26. Two metals A and B lose the same quantity of heat when their temperatures drop from 20°C to 15°C. If the specific heat Capacity of A Ii thrice that of B, calculate the ratio of the mass of A to that of B.

#27. The following are derived units EXCEPT

#28. A 12V battery supplies a current of 0.4A to a lamp. Calculate the resistance of the lamp.

#29. Which of the following is a desirable property of a fuse Wire?

#30. The angle between the geographic and the magnetic meridians at a place on the earth’s surface is the

#31. An object is placed in front of a concave mirror whose radius of curvature is 12cm. If the magnification of the Image produced is 1.5, how far is the object from the mirror?

#32. Which of the statements is/are true of two bodies involved in an inelastic collision? After collision. I. the kinetic energy increases II. The momentum decreases III. Their velocities are the same.

#33. 491 K is equivalent to

#34. Which of the following is a percussion instrument?

#35. The velocity of sound in air will be doubled if it's absolute temperature is

#36. A force of 200N acts between two objects at a certain distance apart. The value of the force when the distance is halved is

#37. If two inductors of inductances 3H and 6H are arranged in series, the total inductance is

#38. Am elastic material has a length of 36cm when a load of 40N is hung on it and a length of 45cm when a load of 60N is hung on it. The original length of the string is

#39. The figure above shows three capacitors, 2μF, 3μF and 6μF connected in series. If the p.d across the system is 12V, the p.d, across the 6μF capacitor is

#40. If the distance between two point charges its increased by a factor of four, the magnitude of the electrostatic force between them will be

#41. In the figure above, the work done by the force of 100N inclined at an angle of 60o to the object dragged horizontally to a distance of 8m is

#42. In the circuit diagram of a transistor above, the terminal P, Q and R represent

#43. Two liquids L1 and L2 are contained in a U - tube. The height and the density of L1 are 8 cm and 103 kgm-3 respectively. If the density of L2 is 800 kgm-3, its height measured from the same level is

#44. 106J of heat is required to boil off completely 2kg of a certain liquid. Neglecting heat lost to the surroundings, the latent heat of vaporization of the liquid is

#45. The figure above shows a plot of angles of deviation through a glass prism when light is incident at θ degrees on the prism. The incident angle that produces the minimum deviation is

#46. The value of F in the figure above when in equilibrium is

#47. In the figure above, the coefficient of static friction is 0.5. If the tension in the string is T, the acceleration of the system in motion is

#48. If the system above is in equilibrium, the tension in the string Q is

#49. Two charged particles are projected into a region where there is a magnetic field perpendicular to their velocities. if the charges are deflected in opposite directions, which of the following statements is true of the charge?

#50. The resistance of a pieces of wire of lenght 20m are crossed-sectional area 8 x 10 6m2is? [Resistivity of the wire = 4 x 10-7 Ω m]


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