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PROCRASTINATION- A barrier to excellence




Procrastination is a big deal people often wave off. As humans, we can’t help but think we will eventually do it but let’s do it now if we can. Talking from my personal experience, sometimes I’d be given an assignment on a particular day and instead of trying to do it immediately, I will cook up excuses to move it to the next day, then the next day, and eventually will start rushing at the deadline.

We’ve heard of instances that led to termination of appointments due to procrastination. Sometimes I wonder why we procrastinate, it could be laziness, nonchalant and lackadaisical attitude towards our work. It’s a killer of time. Most people try to worm their way away from the consequence saying they work better under pressure which is not true because the brain actually works better in a tense less environment.

Pushing ¬†activities that are ought to be done at a particular time forward, makes forward activities accumulate which won’t yield maximum productivity or effectiveness in the long run.

I believe a whole lot can relate to this experience. Whatever it is we are to do now let’s do it instantly and not later. The way forward in avoiding procrastination is to be disciplined. We might try to say “I can handle it ” but can you really?

Doing things at the right time would keep you sane and calm, help you think well, and increases your effectiveness even as students.


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