#1 Revisit course materials: Due to the covid you might have gone rusty and lazy but hey, you could be as brilliant as ever or even better! All you have to do is take your old materials and work on them.

#2 plan ahead for final weeks: Don’t just sit there plan before your lecturers or teachers, it helps to remember trust me.

#3 Prioritize your studying based on difficulty level: we all know Mathematics and physics have been one of the most tasking courses even too college students, so highly advice you spend more time there than any other subject.

#4 Live a little: I know this might sound like a setup but you need to live a little and give yourself a few breaks in between those long hours of studying.

#5 Get enough sleep:I feel like this tip is a given, but sleep is so important for your body, mental health, mood, and so much more.

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