Hey dear 17th of August is your the day! You really want to avoid some specific actions to come out in flying colours!

#1 DO NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA: This might be a little tempting and difficult but you really want to avoid any form of distraction of any kind during your preparation for WAEC some distractions may include WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. thus using those mediums to attain information could be exempted but anything outside of that is a distraction and should be avoided at all cost.

#2 DO NOT COMPARE YOUR PREPARATION: I see most students compare preparation with other friends and foreign materials this might seem as the legit way to prepare but in reality, it is far more underwhelming and brings the causal saying “What if I am reading the wrong thing” please avoid comparing preparation, don’t doubt yourself. You will remember and achieve more if you believe in what you read and that alone. Don’t compare your preparations with materials or friends for no one ever gives the same answer to a question.(except maths)  other than that, there are different authors so of cause they will be different Answers. Read for yourself!

#3 AVOID PROCASTINAON: Procastinaon? That’s a no go area, this form of system thoroughly drains a bright student from every bit of knowledge and understanding attained. It is bad! Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. Moreover it is just WAEC, why don’t you pull yourself together and break the limit. It is far more rewarding thereafter.

4# DO NOT GET INFLUENCED BY SOMEONE: This is quite common around students, don’t be carried away. You must know what you want, I mean.. how long would you listen to that wholesome peer pressure group? Remember you the only one who will write that exam, so why get pushed around by friends who have already secured the bag? I used to tell my students, “life nah per head” don’t ever forget that. If you read something and prepare for WAEC believe in yourself and not what your friends tell you. I mean, who said they are right and you are wrong? You’ll never know. So avoid negative influences to make you doubt your guts, I believe in you guys, prove them wrong.

#5 DO NOT EAT OUTSIDE FOOD: Do not eat outside sounds funny right? Lol all those foodies! Well this could come in as one of the most important and delicate “don’ts” in all I have said, that’s why I saved the best for the last. Well it goes like this, have you ever been in a situation whereby you want to poo and you are in an exam hall? I believe sometime in our lives we have all been there at some point.  You don’t want to be in those shoes during your WAEC , so you are all highly adviced to watch your food intake especially those of us who find joy in eating at road side food courts, you’ll never know when you will purge, be careful Great minds.

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