Due to body-shaming these days, some ladies are ready to do almost anything to have the “figure 8”. While some are ready to work out for it, some “cannot comman go and kill diersef”, so they seek shortcuts. The quest to have the perfect shape has brought about different drugs and supplements varying from creams to oils to aid or increase various parts of the body and apparatus like sweat belt and buttlifter. Aboniki balm is not left out. Check out the story below before you start using Aboniki balm to burn your belly fat.

My flat tummy journey.
So I used to have a flat tummy, years ago. I was big, with a flat tummy (ulcer was the end result tho ). Waters passed under the bridge, and the daughter of Zion’s stomach became big. I still didn’t care, anyway. I was flexing my JoJo tank with style.
So during corona period, I decided to be serious with achieving a flat tummy. My stomach was size 38.
That moment when you have friends with like minds. Like friends that want a flat tummy, and would always update you on how to go about it. Yeah!
So babe chatted me up and sent me a link to this website. Asked me to read up and get ready for us to do a month challenge.
So ah! I rushed to the naira land website. They gave tips on how to use aboniki balm to lose Belly fat.
I didn’t care about the pain. If it was going to give me a flat tummy, we die there.
I followed the instructions. We were asked to apply aboniki balm generously on the stomach, then dab napkin dipped in warm water, on our belly. Morning and night.
You needed to have seen me that day. I rushed to buy aboniki balm. Bathed. Then followed the instructions. It was hell. Like HELLFIRE. Ah! I would put on the fan, and cry like a baby, for hours.
The first week passed, with no change. Maybe it takes time to work. After all, it’s not magic.
Second week. Bought another aboniki balm, the first one had finished. No change.
Third week. See me see my JoJo tank.
Fourth week. Ah! God forbid! No. No change oh. My stomach was smiling at me. Plus, my belly peeled. Hei God.
Nobody asked me to stop before I stopped. Ah! A flat belly is not by force.
The funny thing is that my friends warned me. Ah! They told me that fat cannot be burned from outside.
But I would have none of it. They are not the ones with a big stomach.
People of God, if anybody tells you that aboniki balm, reduces belly fat, give the person my number. I will help you curse the person, in advance.
Anyway, it’s been months now. And the daughter of Zion’s stomach is now 31.
Never underestimate the power of diet and workout. – Ibekwe Testimony

The bottom line is that when it comes to belly fat, the answer is not in drugs or supplements. 

Anonymous Answered question February 4, 2021
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