Life Works Different On This Side

I came across the trend over the murder of #georgefloyd and the central park lady, very sad encounters, worse they both happened in a span of 1 week. As expected, the entire internet especially twitter was at war. Racists apologists on one end, and normal people on another. I decided to pen my thoughts but due to my own mental battles, we can blame writer’s block. Back to racists in the “great America”; a mob was let loose and citizens were attacking patrol vehicles, media has it that the city’s police has gone into riot mode to bring calm (typically that means mass arrests, tasers and rubber bullets)

Over Here

As at the 16th of April 2020 BBC news gives this report.

Security forces enforcing the lockdown in parts of Nigeria have killed more people than coronavirus itself, a local rights group says.

Evidence of the killings comes from members of the public who rang their hotline or sent in videos, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) adds.

It says law enforcers have killed 18 people in Nigeria since lockdowns began on 30 March.

Coronavirus has killed 12 people, according to health ministry data.

Unlike in the other side of the world, when an angry mob comes out to fight oppression they are “most times” repelled with a little humanity, over here, protesters are crushed.

The actions of the dominant class have reduced my people to keypad warriors, a replacement role that seems to have some effect up until some of these warriors become abducted by the dominant class some lucky ones are set free, while others are still occasional hashtags created to ask their abductors for their release. #FreeDadiyata

The Nigerian people have no help for themselves, the international community will only come to your aid if they have something to earn, you can’t seek help from the rich opposition because they are an election from giving you their version of maltreatment. We have the numbers but no way out, my only sadness is that Karma sometimes takes forever till take effect. Till then, I will stick to being a Keypad warrior and working towards living the Nigerian dream.

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This is the sad truth, we can only hope for the best and be the best for others to be hopeful on

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