Making friends is one important and interesting thing in life, but making the right set of friends is the point. Friends can either make or mar you. Those you mingle with define you. Being a fresher, you’re introduced to a new environment, way of living and vices. The university is a large society but you have to decide what you want to make of it. Friends save one from being a “lone ranger” but being alone isn’t a bad idea neither. If you are wondering how to make friends in this new environment as a fresher, here are some tips:

1. Go to freshers’ events

There’ll be LOADS going on during freshers’ week – try and throw yourself in as much as possible. Just make sure that if you’re out at freshers’ parties, be reasonable. Try as much as possible to get acquainted with someone.

2. Organise a study group or join some

Long hours in the library can get lonely, so why not rally some of your course mates together to make a study group or join some available.

Ask around in lectures or after seminars to see who would like to join in, then set the time and place. If it’s to join, ask for the place and time so to attend.

3. Join university societies

Most universities have literally hundreds of societies, so you’re bound to find one or two which suit your interests and tastes.

Once you’ve signed up at the society, make sure you go along to meetings and events regularly. It can seem like a chore at first when you don’t really know anyone, but stick at it and you’ll soon meet people who’ll make you want to keep going back.

4. Be friendly

This is one important aspect too. No one wants to be freinds with an unfriendly person. To have friends, one has to be friendly too.

5. Sit next to people in lectures

If you want to make friends on your course, try sitting down next to someone and introducing yourself. You never know, you might hit it off, and if you don’t, you only have to maintain the conversation until the lecture begins.

What not to do when making friends

1. Don’t become someone you’re not

2. Don’t put too much pressure on friendships

3. You’ll meet different people, try not to judge people different from you

4. Try not to be a bad influence

5. Making friends is nice but it shouldn’t keep you off track of your academics.

Answered question

One of the most silly but peculiar ways to make friends as a fresher is simply ATTEND EVERY FRESHER WELCOME PARTY AT EVERY POSSIBLE CHURCH OR OUTLINE EVENTS. it is so fun trust me.

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