Recruiter: tell us about yourself?

Ans: I am a professional ( name of position ), personnel, a graduate of an xxx university with a degree in xxx, certifications from xxx and xxx, I’ve gotten core management experience from xxx that relates to what your organisation needs

Recruiter: where do you see in yourself in 5 years?

Prior to my career goal, I see myself successfully at the top of my field adding value to my prospective organisation and those I work with in terms of growth, self-development and meeting expected targets

Recruiter: why should we hire you?

This is a field I have passion for, I’ve learned and researched on making ( name of position ) a fruitful endeavour, because of this position I took a course in XXXX, working on a project concerning ( name of position ) to be better and the best at it, I love the job of a ( name of position ) and my career goals is centred on it.

Recruiter: how much should we pay you?

Please research how much the position is worth from the least to the max before the interview

Reply: this position is worth from XXX amount to XXX amount and I am fine within this range. I hope this helps

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And also be very confident

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