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Hi! I hope this blog post meets you well, its been a while I wrote something so pardon my writing, I fear its a bit rusty. Now that I think of it, I wrote something yesterday on Student Village on Working as a college student

Over the past months, I have been trying to find myself, to figure out that niche that will give me my big break, but I haven’t figured that out yet; but till then, let me share some marketing hacks and I must warn you, they are easier read than done.

It’s very easy to think of a new product idea, it’s even easier to imagine tons of people patronizing you, then the first month you understand that you can’t live in your dream forever. I have been in your shoe before, Heck! I am still experimenting on how to sell Student Village to the world and it hasn’t been easy. But I have learned some things along the way and I’d love to share them.

  • Don’t sell logic – Sell emotions, sell desires. learn from the big dogs, you can’t deny that you can still sing the skye bank song of those days!
  • Trigger your customers emotions – This doesnt mean you should guilt trip them into buying, there’s this Coke ad about a kid setting down two Pepsi cans just so he can get one can of coke. How did you feel after that ad?
  • Use Powerful Words & Create a sense of assurance to your customers – No one will sell your products or service for you except you do, be arrogant about what you offer, let your customers know they will be making a big mistake if they don’t get it through you.

I hope this little list helps, and if it doesn’t you can check out Neil Patel, he is better than I am at this

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