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Mistakes Your Business Makes On Instagram

A lot of online businesses make lots of mistakes dealing with their Nigerian “potential” clients, they use the “post & go” approach, and the truth is it never works, others delve into giveaways but eventually, they lose customers because they can’t keep up with the giving when they aren’t making those sales.

My Hacks — You are welcome in advance

Whenever I am taking up a new account on Instagram, I believe my client has been doing everything wrong so I spend most of my time trying to right those wrongs. How?

  1. I send DMs — By DMs I mean direct messages, its a lot of work especially when the followers are much, but hey! that’s why they pay me. So I message as many people as possible and try to start conversations with them, most times they reply back and before you know it, I’ve made a friend and a potential client.
  2. Like Back — The “post and go” approach states, you make a post, like your post and go off, believing a miracle happens and your post goes viral. That never works. You should try liking other posts back, now, don’t just like 1 post per account, like about 4–5 posts so you get noticed; which is definitely going to happen.

The End
Try the hacks above and let me know your results, they work for me regularly so I’m giving you 98% assurance that there would be an increase in your page visibility. Also, this is totally unrelated to Instagram, please visit my student forum, I badly want it to go global https://www.studentvillage.com.ng/questions/

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