The first time I encountered them, I was asked to enter the vehicle before I answered their questions. It turned to a battle of words, and they were about 6 in number, all armed.

They asked me what was in my bag, and I said it was my laptop and my clothes (I was heading to school from home). They asked for the receipt of the laptop, I showed them. They said I should still give them my phone and enter the vehicle.

I brought out my school ID card and went to their leader and yelled at his face. He was seated in front like an immovable object. I said they had no warrant for my arrest neither do they have the right to ask me to give them my phone and enter their vehicle. I showed him my ID card and said I was a student of UNIBEN.

When they saw that I was causing a scene, they let me be and watched me enter a commercial bus before they drove off.

I encountered them again that same year on the road to my house. They asked me to enter their vehicle again, stating that I was a fraudster. They said if they should open my laptop, they’ll see the fraudulent activities I carry out.

They went on to assume I just stole the laptop and I am yet to remove the password. So I offered to unlock the laptop, then they drove off again.

I encountered them for the third time, and this wasn’t a nice experience. I wore a hood, boarded a vehicle and immediately they overtook the bus I entered and asked me and another guy to come down.

After I came down, they asked me to enter their vehicle and go with them, I refused and one of them slapped me twice. They began to drag me to their bus, they took my phone and my shoe. But I still did not enter the vehicle. The struggle caused a scene and people began to gather and they drove off with my phone and shoe.

I quickly called my mum with someone’s phone, she drove down with my aunt and my siblings. We drove to the State Headquarters and filed a complaint. Luckily for us, we found our way into the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the state and explained to him. He called on the leader of that squad and asked him to make sure I was given what they took from me.

When we got to the man’s office, he called the policemen in question and asked them what happened. They said I escaped from the vehicle after my arrest, that was why my phone and shoe were with them. They brought the other guy that came down from the same vehicle with me and asked him to testify AGAINST me. I looked at the boy and I told him not to lie against me. He didn’t want to get into trouble with them, so he said he can’t recall all that happened well. I was so shocked and disappointed. I couldn’t defend myself, so I was quiet and allowed my mum and aunt do the talking.

I got my phone and shoe back and we left. On our way out, the boy asked me to tell my mum and aunt to also help him out. I didn’t know what to tell him, because as at that time, he was already being framed by them. They called him a cultist, a robber, etc. I told him to call his parents.

In all that has happened, the Holy Spirit began to teach me how to not get myself affected by the spirit sponsoring their violent act. He told me how to deal with them and get out of their nets myself unharmed.

The fourth time I had an encounter with them, I made sure I was in control. They stopped my bus and asked me to enter their vehicle. I entered and I was seated patiently, I didn’t talk until I was talked to.

They went through my phone and saw 3 emails. Two were mine and the other was an email I use for my spiritual father’s YouTube account.

They held on to that and said I was a fraudster, they said why would I use someone’s picture and email. I told them gently that the person they are seeing is my spiritual father and I am in charge of uploading his teachings. I told them to check my Facebook and they’ll see that his posts are all over my timeline.

They ignored me for some minutes. And I talked to their leader about the whole email stuff and he asked me to come down and come with him. I went with him and he said I should go, but I needed to give them some cash to fuel their vehicle. I opened my wallet and told him the only money here is what will get me home.

Initially, when we’re asked to come down, I gave all the cash on me to a friend that was with me. She was actually furious when they were acting somehow and I was the one telling her to call down, I told her that I will handle the situation (well, I did, didn’t I?)

The leader asked me to go and he gave me back my phone.

I encountered them for the 5th time again this year, and I was asked to come down from my bus again. I came down and I went into their vehicle. They asked us not to talk until we’re talked to.

I was there for almost 30 minutes, and I decided to talk. I told them I was a graphics designer, and inside my bag is my laptop and I have my receipt.

They asked me to come down and said I should give them some money. Well, I told them that if I gave them the money on me, then I won’t get to where I am going to.

I’ve seen people say that the guilty are the ones calling for the end of SARS. I don’t want to pray for you to experience what others experience. If you have experienced it, you won’t have the time to talk like you’re the wise one in this situation…

These people don’t need you to be guilty, THEY WILL MAKE YOU GUILTY if they manage to outsmart you. After the Holy Spirit told me they carry an atmosphere of violence around them, I knew I had to put that demon in control whenever I encountered them. So I make sure I am void of fear and patiently let out my points.

Because I have the advantage of hearing God, should I now say SARS should continue because I already found a way to save myself? Should we say because we’ve not been harassed by them, then we should ask for them to weed out the bad elements?

What if we succeeded in weeding out the bad elements that we CAN SEE and fail to UPROOT the seeds in the ground that we CAN’T SEE, have we done justice to this evil like that? I’ve not been shot by them, but I’ve been embarrassed, lied on, beaten, etc.

The only time I get past them with ease is when I am driving. Because of the Nigerian Army insignia on the vehicle, I am allowed to pass without questions.

Most times, reformation comes with uprooting!
When a system is too corrupt, it’s quite difficult to reform it. Now is the time to draw out NEW measures that won’t take away the rights of citizens.

As at when SARS was established compared to now, the law has changed. Even an armed robber now is not guilty until proven otherwise by a law court.

SARS was set up when robbery incidence was a menace in this nation. They were not set up for killings.

A NEW BODY must be built, else we’ll weed out the ones we see and forget the SEEDS that are still in the ground. –
Aimufua Edison Emmanuel


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