We all have dreams and goals in our minds that when we think of them, a kind of energy or joy is being released in our body. Most times, it motivates us to keep going in life.
As a student in Nigeria, you may be faced with so many challenges and distractions which can shift you away from your goals or dreams in life.

Well, I can help you shift those distractions and put you on the right track.😏
It’s all about Setting of goals and executing them. If you want to be successful, you really have to want it badly.
So, let’s get to work😉

First of, Goal setting is the ability to set achievable and executable tasks.

Here are 5 steps in setting your goals.
First of, get a pen and a book or some sheets of paper ( at least 5).

Step one.
Write on the first page
🔸Long-term goal
(Long term goals are goals that have a long life span, say 10-15 years.) Your long term goal is like your purpose or big dream you want to achieve. Let’s say you want to own the best hospital in Nigeria and also be the best doctor in Nigeria, or you want to own a large firm that you could pass on to your next generation or even the next biggest billionaire in Nigeria. Write it down on that first page. If you have more long term goals like build the best school in Nigeria, change Nigeria electricity supply or be the president of Nigeria, write it down too.

Step two.
Write on the next page
🔸Short term goals
(Short term goals are the break down of long term goals into semi easy steps in order to achieve them. They could be broken into a 2,3,5 year plan.) Ask yourself, what should I do to achieve my long term goal as the best doctor with the best hospital in Nigeria? Or what should I do to achieve the goal of being the next big billionaire in Nigeria? It’s a straight question.
You could write under your short term goal
🔸Get good grades in my waec, jamb and post utme( the major exams taken to get into a Nigerian University) in order to be admitted by merit to study medicine or any course you want to study.
🔸Get a good GPA score when I’m in University so as to get my certificate of medicine or business study as the case may be. Or get good GPA to help me study for masters.
🔸 Go for seminars, business seminars and all that

Another question you could ask yourself- how do I get money to build my future hospital.
Write your answers down as you goal. It could be
🔸 I could start saving money from a young age, create a savings account where you could be putting money there.
🔸 I can also get some knowledge about investment while in med school and make some investments that will help me when I’m out of medical school as it is 6 years of study in Nigeria.
🔸 I could get some head knowledge about some business in Nigeria, as a student, I can start up something and leave it in trusted hands so it can grow.

Step three
On the next page
🔸Short term goals
I call them semi short term goals because they’re are achieved in months or in a year.
As a Nigerian student, aspiring to be the best doctor with the best hospital in the country, you have to keep working on your self, keep reading, take school serious, get knowledge, both theoritical and practical not only in medicine but other courses of life.

Ask yourself, what character do I have to portray? What lifestyle do I have to start building to enable me reach that height? If you’re still a secondary School student, ask yourself, how do I get good grades in waec or how do I help myself get what I want?
These are questions that will help you set your semi goals. For those in ss1, you need to start preparing from that class.
You could write
🔸 Come early to school
🔸 Dress neatly to school
🔸Do my assignments
🔸 Read for my upcoming tests or exams
🔸Get a good result at the end of this term or come overall first in my class
🔸 Have a good character
🔸Be punctual in whatever I do
🔸Read ahead of the teacher
Look for mentors and learn about them. They may not be physical. As we are in a world of technology and information everywhere, you could surf the internet and read more about your mentors.

Step four
🔸Daily goals.
It should be on the next page after semi short term goals. The name is self explanatory. Things you should do daily. Sometimes, you feel your day was scattered or disorganized, well that’s because you didn’t set a goal for that day. Learn to set daily goals, you’ll be surprised how fast you gonna get things done, there’s also going to be a change in your life.
I think you should get a separate book for this, those of you using sheets of paper to write your beautiful goals down.
The daily goals will shift you continuously to your lifetime goals.
Example of daily goals
🔸Pray daily
🔸Do maths assignment
🔸Read my biology textbook
🔸Do exercise today (lol, you know exercise keep you fit and healthy)
🔸Wash plates today (if it’s your turn to)
🔸 Arrange my room today etc.

Step five
Execute those goals!!
Daily goals! You could even have weekly goals, monthly, and yearly goals.
Execute them.
Tick the ones you’ve done on your daily goals checkbook, keep going.
From time to time, I mean weekly or two weeks interval, look at your long term, short term and semi short term goals. Let them motivate you to keep going!

As a student, I know, you’re very smart, so are your goals, so execute them smartly.

But, note that sometimes as a student, you may fail or some goals may not come out as planned, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Remember to set goals that motivate you, that make you grow, that make you stretch your knowledge.

Extra tips.
Some skills to help you achieve your goals as a student.
🔸Time management – as a student in Nigeria, especially the ss3 students and University students, you need to learn to manage your time to meet up with other subjects of life.
🔸 Flexibly – you need to learn to be flexible in setting your goals. Especially if you are in a Nigerian University, considering the fact that they can declare strike anyday, any time.
🔸Self motivation – on a norms, you need to keep motivating yourself to reach where you want to reach. It’s very important. Sometimes, you may feel weak or lazy or pained but self motivation can keep you going. You may have failed your waec or jamb, but self motivation can keep you going. Look at your lifetime goals, don’t give up.
🔸 Commitment and Focus – as a Nigerian student, commitment to your goal is needed especially when you are in the University or at the last lap of your secondary school, distractions Lika parties, games, playing will come but you’ve got to know what you want so as to stay committed and focused on your goals step by step.

Afterall, we need vibrant students in Nigeria to grow into wonderful leaders to take over the country and move it forward.
I can’t wait to hear the best doctor’s name was yours in the next 7,10-15 years or the next richest entrepreneur was You!
So dear wonderful student, why don’t you set a goal this week or even today and see how it goes?
Update us about your progress, we’re here to give you some accolades and also help too if needed.
Remember to work on You daily. Have a nice week.

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