Some times we come across some exceptional events and you think ‘damn’ isn’t there any hidden camera’s?

If I had my way, I’d go around with a body cam, who knows when that memorable moment will happen. Recently I was added to this group chat with people who graduated primary school with me; good times. Sadly I don’t have as much memory of primary school as most of my colleagues, I keep wondering what might be the cause and to ice the cake, they have class photos (I hope mine is still in one box at my parent’s place)

Future Kids Forgive your father

when I have kids, I will take loads of photos of them and ensure a story follows so when they grow older, they have memories to relate with and feel good, I might go as far as asking their teachers to take photos of them in class and thank God for the cloud, there’s no fear of losing those photos over time.

This is the time I suggest you start taking photos if you aren’t but make sure there’s a story behind the photo.

Don’t be like some of my female friends who take photos when they feel pretty; not like that is bad, but to me, it makes photos lose their “story”.

I made a short podcast on anchor on this topic and I’d love it if you listen, it will mean a lot to me.

Here’s the link https://anchor.fm/justseyi/episodes/Keeping-Memories—Take-pictures-ed777p

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