Read This If You Want To Be A Productive Student In Any Nigerian University – No 3 is for everyone!

University in Nigeria is very tough, in fact 9 out of 12 Nigerian students think the system want them to fail. Maybe they right, or they could be wrong. Whichever way, these tips will help you get better as a student. 

Track your time.

You’d be surprised how much time you waste on irrelevant things that don’t add value to your university life. I have an assignment for you. For the next one week, study yourself, write down things you do that don’t make sense and don’t relax you in anyway. Then work towards replacing them with probably reading or doing something better. 


Use a calendar,

either electronic or physical, and stick to it.

Most Nigerian students are guilty of not using calendars only when it’s exam time. My brother, my sister failure is knocking on the door if you continue this way. You have calendar’s in your phones, Mark Reading appointments, outings.

Let your calendar save you from impromptu work you keep forgetting to attend to. 


Avoid distractions when it’s time to work – 

The truth is this. If you keep letting petty distractions sway you for work then you don’t deserve to be in the university. Most times, our major distractors as students would be the “smartphone” that quick selfie, or reply or retweet is the reason why you are having D. You can do better. 


Take time to rest and recover from a hard week.

Nobody can be all work all the time! Make time for yourself and your friends. Just don’t be a dumb Nigerian student and do oversabi. Do everything jejely. 


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