School Kits, Casio to train 1,300 Maths, science teachers

In its drive to leverage on cutting edge technology to improve the quality mathematics and Science education in Nigeria, School Kits Limited, Nigeria’s Authorized Distributor of original CASIO Calculators, has announce its partnership agreement with Casio Middle East to enhance the skills of 1,300 Math and Science teachers

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director, School Kits, School Kits, Mrs. Temilola Adepetun, said that the training would enhance Math and science education in the country.  She added that Casio’s Scientific Calculator has become an indispensable tool for students across the world.

“As our world gets smaller and indeed more complex, Casio Middle East has innovatively iterated and designed scientific calculators capable of solving even more complex problems. It is indeed our hope that this training would add significant value to the development of Math and Science education through capacity development and knowledge sharing for the Teachers and by extension, students in Nigeria. School kits will remain always a supportive corporation for Nigerian, thus we ensure to complete the plan in implementing the training program and reach the objective set for this plan,” she said.

Mrs Adepetun expressed readiness to work closely with schools in the country to implement all programs related to mathematics and CASIO Standard Scientific calculators.

Likewise, the Vice President of Mathematics Association of Nigeria (MAN), Mr Mamman Musa outlined some major milestones achieved with this partnership, ‘‘with this collaborative effort with School Kits, our mathematics teachers can rely on the technology necessary to enhance the students’ skills  in Math and Science.  Children can also begin to learn to apply mathematics in solving real life challenge.

  • Source- The Nation

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