Student Health : Stop Putting Yourself Under Pressure.

Studies have shown that this millennium is one of the toughest times to be a young adult. There is pressure from every angle — peers, society, the country, internet and more often than not, parents. The bars keep going higher and higher.


The zeal to succeed or more accurately, the need to be seen as successful, has pushed many young people into things they would otherwise not be doing. Backbiting, jealousy, scamming and even ritual killings are on the rise.


We seem to have forgotten that though we’re on the same planet, timezones differ and this is the same in life. Your clock is different from that of someone else. Trying to compete when it’s not your time yet will lead to you getting involved in things you’d regret.


Remember, the only competition you have is the person looking you in the mirror. Water your own lawn, mow it, groom it and watch it blossom. Make new additions from time to time.


Never ever stop building up yourself because in time, you’ll be all your generation needs. Breathe, be diligent, your big break will come.



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