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Study Abroad European Commission Intra Africa Scholarship for African Students 2024

Study Abroad European Commission Intra Africa Scholarship for African Students; The European Commission Intra Africa Scholarship is available for eligible candidates to study at participating elite African universities. Funded by both the African and European Unions, this scholarship offers African students a fully supported opportunity to achieve the research objectives of the European Commission. It covers all living expenses and tuition costs for successful applicants.

Application Deadline: The application deadline varies by program.

Table of Contents

  1. Tell Me About The Award
  2. Eligible Fields
  3. Type
  4. Who Can Apply
  5. Eligible Countries
  6. Award Location
  7. Number of Awards
  8. Benefits
  9. How to Apply
  10. Frequently Asked Questions

Tell Me About The Award:

The European Commission Intra Africa Scholarship is part of the Intra Africa Academic Mobility Scheme, financed by the European Union and the African Union. The scholarship aims to:

  • Promote African higher education
  • Enhance students’ career prospects
  • Foster intercultural understanding through cooperation aligned with EU external policy objectives

This scheme allows you to explore your options and embark on a life-changing academic journey.

Eligible Fields:

All academic fields are eligible.


  • Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Masters Scholarships
  • PhD Scholarships

Who Can Apply:

African students who are nationals of an African country can apply for:

  1. Master or Doctoral Level Mobility:
    • Must be registered with or admitted to a Higher Education Institution in Africa or have obtained a university degree from such an institution.
    • Mobility can be short-term or for the entire duration of an academic program.
  2. Traineeship Mobility:
    • Must be enrolled in a Bachelor/Master/PhD program at one of the African Higher Education Institutions participating in the Intra-Africa consortia.
    • Trainees engage in placements with private or public organizations in a country different from their nationality and residence.
    • Projects selected in 2019 and 2020 may offer additional traineeship opportunities.
  3. Staff Mobility:
    • Available for Academic, Administrative, and Technical Staff members working in participating Higher Education Institutions.
    • Activities may include teaching, research, administrative tasks, training, curriculum development, and technical support.

Eligible Countries:

All African countries.

Award Location:


Number of Awards:

Not specified.


The scholarship benefits vary based on the type of mobility and its duration, and include:

  • Living allowance and insurance
  • Contribution to travel and visa expenses
  • Coverage of participation costs (e.g., tuition and registration fees)
  • Contribution to research expenses, depending on available budget
  • Additional support for scholarship holders with disabilities

Note: Scholarship conditions may vary for projects selected in 2019 or 2020.

How to Apply:

To apply for the European Commission Intra-Africa Scholarship:

  1. Visit the scholarship page of the European Commission.
  2. Select the website of your desired program to check their eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and modes of application.
  3. Follow the application instructions provided on the program’s website.

Visit the Award Webpage for Details

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When is the application deadline for the European Commission Intra Africa Scholarship? A: The deadline varies by program.

Q: Which academic fields are eligible for the scholarship? A: All academic fields are eligible.

Q: Who can apply for this scholarship? A: African students who are nationals of an African country and meet the specific mobility criteria can apply.

Q: What documents are required to apply? A: Required documents vary by program and can include academic transcripts, proof of enrollment, recommendation letters, and other supporting materials.

Q: How many awards are available? A: The number of awards is not specified.

Q: What are the benefits of this scholarship? A: Benefits include full coverage of tuition and registration fees, living allowance, insurance, travel and visa expenses, and contributions to research costs. Additional support is available for scholarship holders with disabilities.

Q: How do I apply for the scholarship? A: Visit the scholarship page of the European Commission, select your desired program, and follow the application instructions provided.

Q: Can students from any African country apply for this scholarship? A: Yes, students from all African countries are eligible to apply.

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