Would you like to read over 100 books a year? Besides that being an amazing for anyone, reading also sharpens your mind and improves your empathy and ability to view the world from new perspectives.



There are a lot of Quotes on the internet about how great readers become and they are definitely true.

As a student reading should be a priority and must be part of your daily routine, during the holiday and when school is in session.


How To Read More Books 


Including Reading In Your Every Day Life. – the reality is 24hrs is never enough, and it will never be. But you have time to text, to hang out, to pray, then you should have time to read a book or two. 

Set apart 15-20 minutes of your day to read, your mind and brain need it.


Identify The Things That Make Reading Difficult To You And Fix Them 

– Reading has its perks, but it can be boring, especially if as a student you are reading some notes from school or off the internet. You need discipline and your reading blocks aren’t going to make it easy on you.

If reading on the bed would cause you to fall asleep, well! STOP READING IN BED! If you keep reading and falling asleep, it’s very likely your brain would start associating sleeping with reading and that’s horrible. 

Reading is meant to be fun, but the first 2-3 weeks of making it an habit it would seem like a chore so put some effort into reading. It would pay off at the end and make you an excellent student.


Don’t Hesitate To Drop A Book You Aren’t Enjoying Except It’s A School Note

If it’s boring, drop it. Don’t stress yourself.

This doesn’t apply to your school books though, Don’t go and quote Student Village said you shouldn’t read your books oh.


Take A Book Around “Always”

If you want to finish that book, you have to take it around with you. But please, don’t put it in your bag or carry it around so people can assume you are a reader then they ask you what it’s about them you respond “I’ve not read it yet”

That’s not how you should read, you have to be intentional anywhere you are, and you have an alone time, just continue from where you stopped.


Challenge Yourself 

There’s nothing like being a little competitive to get you motivated to read more. Try focusing your reading intentions by setting a specific yearly reading goal!

All you need is a Notepad and sticking to your promise



Reading is a beautiful thing and it is the perfect ingredient when becoming a great student. If you can apply the above method’s, you’d come out being a great reader, student and person.


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